Overwatch League Will Have Team Skins, New Ways to Watch


It seems that competitive Overwatch will see more than just a few new features introduced, and Jeff Kaplan promises a range of exciting updates to the game's eSports scene in his latest developer update video. As previously revealed, eSports teams will receive their own unique color palette for characters, giving a more personalized look to professional teams, but Jeff has now announced that each organization will have both a Home and Away color.

Something Jeff promises will be revealed at BlizzCon 2017, team colors will give eSports players a more official and uniform look. All teams that qualify for the Overwatch World Cup this year will receive their own Home and Away uniforms, with a darker, more saturated look for Home colours, and a lighter color palette for Away cosmetics.

This color paletting system will extend beyond just skins however, and factors such as Tracer's distinctive bullet spray or explosions will also take on the color of the friendly team, making the viewing experience more accessible to all players. A new USA variant of Soldier 76 can also be spotted at the end of the developer log, teasing the new skins that will be shown off in late November.

For commentators and broadcasters, Overwatch is also adding a top-down interactive map which will ensure that all viewers have a perfect view of what's going on anywhere in the game, as well as informing on current Ultimate ability status or any de-buffs that currently apply to a player. When watching competitive play in third-person, a new smart camera system will automatically focus on the action, moving in a smooth motion and ensuring that the viewer always has their eyes on where the game is taking place.

Broadcasters who want to replay a certain section of gameplay back can now do so with greater ease, as clicking on a specific section of the game's Kill Feed will allow new software to transport viewers back to that event. The camera can then be fully manipulated as the event is played back in real-time or slow-motion, allowing commentators to get a better look at some of the more unbelievable eSports tournament moments that occur.

Aside from these features, Overwatch will also be getting some quality of life improvements to its upcoming League, such as automatically assigning players to the correct teams at the beginning of the game, and pausing instantly should a disconnection occur. The aim here is to remove any aspect of human error or delay from the eSports process and is sure to make official matches a cleaner and more polished experience for all involved.

Overwatch is out now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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