There are some pretty high-end collectibles out there for gamers serious about showing their love for a particular series, and Blizzard has an entire online collectibles store packed with them. Recently added for pre-order is a gorgeous statue of Overwatch‘s D.Va that will run fans a staggering $450 – roughly the same price as a PS4 Pro and a copy of the game.

Price aside, it’s hard not to appreciate the attention to detail and overall design. The Overwatch statue is hand-painted, hand-sculpted, and shows D.Va casually posing on the arm of her mech. It stands 19 inches tall with its base, and 18 inches wide. Those who want a better look can check the video below.

The collectibles site has everything from a live-sized Hearthstone box to a 24 inch tall Illidan statue – all of them quite pricey. The lowest priced statues, which also happen to be from Overwatch, each cost $150. Those are Reaper, Widowmaker, and series mascot Tracer. Currently, D.Va holds the mantle as the most expensive collectible on the site, so those without the dough will have to wait for a nerf in price.

Interested parties can pre-order today through Blizzard’s site, but they won’t be getting their statue until at least Q4 2017, when it is expected to ship. Because they are hand-panted, Blizzard notes that the final statue buyers receive may look slightly different.

In other Overwatch news, the community is still eagerly awaiting the game’s next playable hero. Doomfist continues to be at the top of everyone’s list, and a peek at recent PTR files are getting rumors buzzing again. The build currently being tested is titled “ Doomfist/Summer Games,” which speaks for itself. It appears that the next update could be a return to Summer Games – and Lucioball – as well as the long-awaited introduction to the infamous Doomfist.

The last major patch added a brand-new map, the Horizon Lunar Colony, which is located on the moon. It also doled out some major balance changes to a few heroes, such as a new passive ability for Reaper and a nerf to Roadhog. As with all changes, we will see if they stick or if these heroes get re-balanced again down the line.

Also, another major change is coming to Overwatch that should appease fans plagued by loot box woes. Blizzard has assured audiences that the rewards system will be tweaked to feel more rewarding. This will be done by reducing the amount of duplicates a players receives in any given loot box. This means that the chances of getting a shiny new legendary skin are now higher. Duplicates will still happen occasionally, but this adjustment should lower the frequency of disappointment.

Overwatch is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Blizzard