Overwatch has seen some big changes coming to a number of its heroes, including those that have been around since the beginning. Balancing work has hit Roadhog, for instance, and Junkrat is getting buffs in Overwatch’s Public Test Region. Now, D.Va has some serious changes being tested in the PTR, including one nerf and a number of buffs that should make her a very different hero.

D.Va has recently been relegated to the duty of standing around with Defense Matrix and absorbing enemy damage — a role that isn’t much fun, especially considering her earlier role as an aggressive tank. While we still have to wait to see Junkertown go live, these D.Va changes are already in the PTR and see a reduction to her Defense Matrix, as it runs out twice as fast. But then come the buffs. She can shoot her Fusion Cannons while flying, and she’s been given a new ability called Micro Missiles that fires off a volley of rockets. Overwatch’s principal designer, Geoff Goodman, took to the game’s forums to detail this new ability.

Right now here are the stats:

Number of missiles: 18
Shots per second: 11
Explosion Damage: 8 (has damage falloff)
Impact Damage: 4
Radius: 1.5m (for comparison, Pharah’s rockets are 2.5m radius)
Cooldown: 8s

Obviously these are subject to change, and I am sure you guys will get a better feel for them when we get the PTR up.

He also mentioned that the missiles fire after a delay of 0.5 seconds, with all firing within 1.6 seconds. Plus they have the capacity to damage D.Va if they explode near her, they have no spread, they can be fired while using other abilities, and they fly at 40 meters per second, which is slightly faster than Pharah’s rockets.

overwatch dva

These changes to D.Va‘s abilities can significantly alter the way she is played. No longer will she be the designated Defense Matrix. While she will still be a valuable asset for absorbing damage when it’s a serious threat, she has an opportunity to be more of a damage dealer, as she can get in enemy faces while shooting more easily, and her Micro Missiles have the change of dealing 216 damage to a single target if they all hit.

For D.Va fans, this will probably make her much more fun to play, as she will have a more active play-style. For everyone else, this change could be a pain in the neck. Enemies will have to deal with D.Va diving them with a volley of missiles and fusion cannons blasting away, and suddenly, teammates are going to have to deal with a lot more enemy weapon fire hitting them. Fortunately, a new Mercy change could make it a lot easier to get resurrected.

Overwatch is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: Battle.net Forums