New Overwatch Animated Short Puts the Spotlight on D.Va's Backstory

Overwatch D.Va Short

Passing by its second anniversary, Overwatch remains a very popular competitive shooter. Since its anniversary event a few months back, Overwatch has added a new hero to the roster, kicked off a new Summer Games event, and even had the Overwatch League Grand Finals featured on ESPN.  However, one feature that has been missing for quite some time are the popular Animated Shorts, giving fans insight into one of the various characters. After about nine months, the newest short is finally here.

In this latest animated short, Overwatch's resident mech pilot D.Va is the focus, giving fans a better look at her origin story. Shooting Star opens with a news story detailing the exploits of D.Va and her Meka Squad as they defend the city of Busan from the Omnic threat. For all of the glitz and glamour, the video shifts to her workshop where she's on leave from the team to spend time working on her mech and munching on her favorite chips and soda. She remains driven to protect the city against an ever-evolving threat.

Naturally, things go a bit sideways as a new Omnic enemy appears out of nowhere and begins an attack on the city much earlier than anyone predicted. Without hesitation, D.Va engages the threat but is quickly overwhelmed by these new enemies. To save the city, D.Va overload's her mech's core and stylishly blows it and the Omnic up as she falls to the waters below. Even with a few bumps and bruises and a broken leg, D.Va is shown tinkering with a brand new mech even if the population believes she's enjoying a much-needed vacation.

Just like the last animated short Honor and Glory, this new D.Va-centric one aligns perfectly with upcoming Overwatch content. Along with a real-life D.Va replica Nerf Gun, the game's latest map is centered in Busan, a location that players can currently see a bit of in Lucioball. The Control map features three distinct locations including a breathtaking mountainside temple, D.Va's MEKA Base which also features a fictional Blizzard fighting game on one of the projector screens, and the streets of downtown Busan. Currently, the map doesn't have a release date, but PTR players should be on the lookout for it soon.

Overwatch is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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