Overwatch Offering Double XP During Anniversary Event


Overwatch is currently running its 2018 Anniversary event, which is offering new rewards for players to try to obtain, like skins and emotes. Now, it seems Blizzard is giving players another incentive if they play the game this coming weekend, June 8-11.

The reason Overwatch fans may want to put in extra time playing the game this weekend is because Blizzard announced players will earn double XP. The extra XP gain will start at 11:00 am PDT on Friday June 8 and run until 11:59 pm Monday June 11. The Double XP event will be running on all platforms.

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The double XP will stack with other XP gain modifiers, such as the bonus XP players earn while in a group. It also applies to most ways XP is earned including match completion, multiple matches, match wins, and medals earned. The only XP that will not be doubled is the first match of the day bonus, which will stay at 1500 XP.

That means this weekend, Overwatch players will be able to double down on in-game rewards. Gaining that extra XP means leveling up faster, which in turn means more crates will be earned. Of course, having more crates to open increases the chances for players to unlock some of the new anniversary skins and emotes that were added for the event, along with prior skins that were put back into the rewards pool.

For those Overwatch fans who are wondering what to expect after the Double XP weekend and 2018 Anniversary event are done, Blizzard has announced another patch is in the works. The new patch will be primarily making changes to Symmetra like giving her a new Ultimate and allowing her to throw her turrets. The patch is currently being tested on the PTR servers.

The 2018 Anniversary Event concludes on June 11th, the same day the Double XP weekend ends. That means players looking to get some of the exclusive anniversary skins and emotes only have a few days left to try and earn them. Blizzard has yet to announce the next in-game event fans can look forward to, but with E3 2018 fast approaching, there may be some announcements there.

Overwatch is now available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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