Following PTR evidence hinting that the popular game mode Lucioball might be returning to Overwatch, new hints have surfaced suggesting that Blizzard is not only bringing back the Summer Games event but also (finally) introducing the mysterious Doomfist into the multiplayer shooter.

An eagle-eyed fan on the Overwatch PTR dug through the crash logs and noticed that the current build being tested is called “ Doomfist/Summer Games,” which suggests that the next big update will give players a second chance at playing Lucioball as well as the long-awaited introduction to Doomfist. With the current version of the game being labeled as build “,” this also suggests that fans will perhaps be meeting Doomfist and playing Lucioball sooner rather than later.

While Blizzard has yet to confirm or deny anything, the return of Summer Games lines up with Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan’s recent statement on new events. Just last month, Kaplan explained that new events won’t be added into Overwatch this year and that the development team intends on refining existing events (such as the aforementioned Summer Games) and fixing things that weren’t working.

Overwatch: New Evidence Points to Doomfist as the Next Character - Doomfist posters

As for Doomfist, countless teases and hints about the character have been dropped over the past few months. While he hasn’t been confirmed as the voice of Doomfist, Hollywood actor Terry Crews has previously expressed interest in the role and fans have already championed the star as the character. Of course, Blizzard have yet to reveal anything about Overwatch‘s next character, only that he/she/it is “very far along in development“.

In terms of confirmed content, there are a number of features still coming to Overwatch. While no dates have been set in stone, Blizzard has stated that various tweaks, such as heavier penalties and the reduction of loot box duplicates, and new features such as a highlights saving feature and a reporting system for console owners, will all be implemented at some point in the near future.

It remains to be seen whether the Summer Games and Doomfist will be patched into Overwatch come the next big content update, but there’s no doubt that the prospect of finally meeting the mysterious gauntlet-wielding hero and having a second chance at those Summer Games loot boxes will be received by fans positively.

Source: Blizzard Forums