Players are currently busy playing games of Lucioball and earning loot boxes as part of the annual Overwatch Summer Games, but Blizzard has not been resting its laurels during the event. The studio are currently testing a series of new character balance changes on the PTR, one of which involve some big tweaks to Doomfist’s fearsome Rocket Punch ability.

The gauntlet-wielding Overwatch character has quickly become a fan favorite among players for his high mobility and ability to deal out massive amounts of damage, but with the implementation of the latest PTR patch, Doomfist’s painful Rocket Punch has had its hitbox shrunk, effectively nerfing the attack. Whereas the current build of Doomfist’s Rocket Punch is quite forgiving when it comes to making contact with enemies, the new PTR hitbox changes mean players are required to be much more accurate with the character in order to land a hit.

Given how difficult it can be to counter Doomfist’s Rocket Punch, as well as the attack’s ability to one-shot almost all the Attack, Defence, and Support heroes, these new changes should make the gauntlet-wielding character a bit easier to fight against, particularly when he is wielded by skilled players.

Doomfist isn’t the only Overwatch hero to have some balance tweaks in the latest PTR update, with Roadhog, Junkrat, Orisa, and Widowmaker all getting some changes. Following some fan concern over Roadhog’s damage nerf last month, the character will now be able to walk and heal at the same time, as well as taking in 50% less damage while healing, all of which should help with his viability in matches.

Junkrat will now be able to hold two Concussion Mines at once and his RIP-tire will be faster with no time limit when wall climbing; Orisa’s projectile speed and her barrier size increased; and Widowmaker’s 12-second cooldown on her Grappling Hook will be reduced to eight, and enemies affected by her Venom Mine will also now be visible through walls.

The Summer Games event and the current Competitive Play season is scheduled to end at the end of August, so these new character balance tweaks should hopefully change up the meta when the next Overwatch Competitive Play season kicks off. With fans managing to unearth some new voice lines hinting at a new map, perhaps fans may be getting more than just balance changes in the upcoming weeks.

Overwatch is out now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.