While loads of Overwatch fans are certainly well aware of Doomfist being live in the game’s PTR on PC, some fans are looking forward to his proper inclusion in the game, with Blizzard now confirming that the character will officially be added across all platforms next week on July 27, 2017. Alongside the video game publisher and developer’s announcement regarding the gauntlet-wielding figure’s inclusion in the team-based shooter, the company also released a brand new trailer today that offers a preview of the oft-perceived antagonist.

As seen below in the hero preview video for Overwatch, different members of the game’s development team discuss the history of Doomfist’s creation and how his brawling style is reminiscent of some classic 2D fighting games of yore. When it comes to the character’s personality, director Jeff Kaplan insists that although he’s generally considered to be a villain, Doomfist himself doesn’t believe he’s necessarily bad, as he simply upholds a moral code imbued with projecting “strength and honor.”

While the motivations behind Doomfist’s reasons for doing battle are compelling to say the least, perhaps the most interesting aspect of the character stems from the way in which Blizzard was inspired to create him. As explained by some members of the company’s development team at the beginning of the video above, Doomfist came to be simply from his cool-sounding moniker, with the initial sketches for him having been created just with his name in mind.

Of course, with Doomfist having spent a considerable amount of time in Overwatch‘s Public Test Region, Blizzard wanted to make sure that the character’s melee-driven play style would fit well alongside the rest of the colorful cast of heroes’ more shooter-rooted abilities. Naturally, following Doomfist’s departure from the title’s PTR, he will be dropped into the thick of combat in the main game with some balance changes.

All things considered, Doomfist is easily one of the most highly anticipated characters to join Overwatch‘s roster, as speculation regarding his inclusion has been rampant ever since his legendary gauntlet appeared in the title’s very first game trailer that debuted nearly three years ago. So, it’s a safe bet to make that plenty of fans will be giving Doomfist a go once he goes live in the game next week.

Overwatch is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: PlayOverwatch – YouTube