Overwatch fans have been waiting for this moment since the named first dropped, and speculation has been hot about whether the team-based shooter’s next hero would be Doomfist. Fans were right this time around, as the Public Test Realm has added Doomfist to the game, and an animated origins story was thrown up on the title’s official YouTube channel.

The origin story video isn’t the typical 3D animated short we’ve seen from Blizzard in the past, as it’s instead something more along the lines of the show Avatar. In it, we see Doomfist squaring off against Tracer, Genji, and Winston, and get a look at some of his abilities. Blizzard also dropped an Overwatch developer update in which Jeff Kaplan explains more about the character and his abilities.

As found in the video below, Kaplan describes Doomfist as “a very tough offensive type of hero.” The Overwatch character starts with just 250 health, making him similar to Reaper, and his primary fire is a four-round shotgun with barrels on his knuckles.

The main features of Doomfist’s kit are, naturally, centered around his fist. Overwatch‘s next hero has Rocket Punch, which is a forward-dashing punch that can be charged to go further, and it does more damage when it hits enemies into a wall. His Rising Uppercut ability launches him into the air and can take enemies with him.

Doomfist also has a Seismic Slam that he can use when he’s in the air or has altitude, and it brings him slamming into the ground and pulls enemies in the area of effect closer to him. Finally, his ultimate is Meteor Strike, which launches him high into the air and out of the fight, allowing him to target an area below and crash to the ground, stunning, knocking down, and damaging enemies below.

While most Overwatch players will probably be excited to finally be getting Doomfist, he is likely not what many players were expecting. He’s not actually a gigantic character, and his health pool is low. A passive ability does allow him to gain a temporary and stackable shield when he lands punch attacks, though, giving him a similar survivability feature to Reaper’s recent changes. Since Kaplan describes him as a flanker and dive character, having some of his own survivability will be important.

Without a doubt, new heroes help keep Overwatch alive and keep the meta shifting. In the coming week, we will surely be seeing counter strategies and synergies for Doomfist popping up, as well as an almost guaranteed load of memes.

Overwatch is available now for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.