Doomfist, the newest Overwatch character, has yet to be made available to all players of the game. But the punching Talon leader is available on the game’s PTR (Public Test Region) and it’s here that players have uncovered the best strategies for playing him.

Players have also begun to test the limits of what Doomfist can and can’t do, as shown in a new video that would make Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage proud. Popular Overwatch YouTuber muselk busts a variety of myths about the new character, including confirmation that Doomfist’s ultimate, Meteor Strike, makes the new character invulnerable when he is up in the air and deciding where to land. He isn’t affected by the ultimate abilities of Soldier:76, D.Va or McCree, however, the character can still be healed by characters like Ana as she successfully lands a few healing shots on Doomfist with her sniper rifle.

Some other reveals include the fact that Doomfist cannot push D.Va’s ultimate ability, Self-Destruct, out of the way. Doomfist’s Rocket Punch ability may be enough to slam the tankiest Overwatch characters into walls but it just can’t budge an exploding D.Va mech suit. Doomfist’s Rocket Punch is also thwarted by Junkrat’s traps, stopping the character in his tracks as soon as he comes into contact with one.

For those hoping to become Doomfist mains when he releases for all PC players as well as those on consoles, the video may be disappointing. Although there are some fantastic new strats here, including using Rocket Punch to stop a Reinhardt charge and using Meteor Strike to avoid ultimates, it highlights some problems with the character too.

For example, Doomfist already has a tremendous amount of counters including Pharah (who can dodge his attacks easily), Mei (who removes his agility, which is his main advantage) and McCree’s sitting emoji. So knowing that Junkrat can also make life harder for a Doomfist player may be particularly vexing.

However, game director Jeff Kaplan says that Overwatch is balanced and that the biggest problem most players face is just adapting and figuring out the meta. As Doomfist is so new, it could take a little while for players to get to grips with him and so once they do, his biggest counters may end up seeming like tiny hurdles instead.

Overwatch is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: muselk – YouTube