With Doomfist now live in PTR for Overwatch, there are a plethora of fans who are still getting used to controlling the gauntlet-wielding character in Blizzard’s team-based shooter, and many of them are surely making plenty of mistakes in combat. With this being the case, other players will be quick to utilize the moves of the game’s veteran heroes to one-up the newly added figure, with the player known as Quesogard having found the best counter possible to Doomfist with a McCree emote.

As seen in the GIF footage below, in order to set up this beautiful counter maneuver, Quesogard pulls off a four-kill ultimate using McCree, and then glides over to the offed enemies to take a gander at his handiwork. After doing so, the Overwatch fan then uses McCree’s emote to sit down, which allows the hero to avoid being hit by the player Trunkz’s attempt to ram him with the new character’s fist, giving McCree the chance to unload his six-shooter into Doomfist.

While many Overwatch fans will likely see Quesogard’s emote usage with McCree as an excellent strategy to avoid the wrath of Doomfist, others might be on the side of Trunkz, as they too have encountered the frustration that occurs when the gunslinger sits down to avoid contact. As it so happens, in plopping down for a sit, McCree’s hit box is effectively shrunken, making him a smaller target for players to hit.

For those who will invariably be attempting Quesogard’s usage of McCree’s sitting emote as a Doomfist counter, it’s important to note that the most advantageous way to utilize it will be after having pulled off a sizable number of kills using the cowboy hero’s ultimate, as it leaves one open to attacks from a whole team of opponents should they not have been dealt with previously. And for fans who are still getting a handle of Overwatch‘s latest character, we’ve put together a handy list of Doomfist tips that will help players dish out some beat downs in no time.

Overwatch is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Gfycat