A new music file damamined from the latest Overwatch PTR patch has players speculating over what Blizzard might have in store for the upcoming Summer Games 2017 event. Up until now its been assumed that Lucioball, the popular soccer Brawl from 2016, would be returning after earlier datamines found the files for the game mode ready and waiting. This latest music file points toward a decidedly moreĀ intense direction for the Brawl. Could a Doomfist Brawl be in the works?

The file in question is the 30-second countdown music to be used in the upcoming Summer Games 2017 event, which tentatively slated to start sometime in August. It’s not exactly a profound realization to notice that the track in question is not the standard countdown and not the Lucioball countdown. It carries with it a very stern sound with brassy low notes and speedy a melody. The implication is quite clear that the Brawl will at the very least be something new for Overwatch.

Going a step further, some are comparing the deep brass notes throughout the 30 seconds to those within the theme music played on Overwatch‘s home screen when Doomfist was revealed. By comparing the two songs, there’s otherwise very little otherwise shared. But the long, low brass notes are definitely within both. There absolutely could be an implied association with Doomfist in it, but it might also just be a coincidence.

Fans are already throwing out wild theories about what might be the result of a new Summer Games Brawl. Some think that it might be a new, updated version of Lucioball that could include Doomfist goalies. Some think it might be a new Brawl altogether. A Doomfist volleyball Brawl is a popular idea, considering the character’s aerial abilities.

Considering Overwatch‘s ability to mix storytelling into the events, it’s especially hard to speculate about what Blizzard will be doing with the Summer Games 2017 event. Doomfist has just escaped and has once again taken his role within Talon’s leadership. Sombra, Widowmaker, and Reaper are all positioned for something eventful to happen. It’s all a bit perfectly timed, considering an event that has the whole world’s eyes watching is about to take place. Of course, a bit of levity after all the in-universe events lately would be welcomed as well.

Stay tuned for more information on Overwatch‘s next event, Summer Games 2017, including details on the Brawl and new skins in the next couple of weeks. Last year’s Summer Games started the first week of August, so an announcement might be right around the corner.

Overwatch is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: Reddit