GR Pick: Build Overwatch's D. Va in Lego Form

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It's safe to say Overwatch is firmly in "global phenomenon" territory as the game nears its one-year anniversary. The game's legion of fans has created a vibrant community that rivals the dedication of other massive eSports titles like League of Legends and Dota 2, and Blizzard's constant multi-platform crossover advertising has kept Overwatch in the spotlight even when gamers are enjoying another of the developer's many titles. It isn't just the developer porting Overwatch to other games and media, however - Overwatch's fanbase is equally responsible, and the latest offering from YouTuber Nick Brick has brought D. Va to the world of Lego.

Nick Brick is a popular YouTuber responsible for creating complex, often gorgeous representations of popular media figures in Lego form. In a video released just a few days ago, Nick Brick took on popular Overwatch character D. Va and created a breath-taking replica of her mecha combat suit. Check it out here and marvel at the detail that goes into Nick Brick's unbelievably accurate model:

Sure, Nick Brick could have gone the extra mile and gotten pink bricks to truly capture the essence of D. Va's fashionable dominance of the battlefield, but the model is incredible regardless of its color palette. The video goes beyond just showing off how Nick Brick achieves his Lego-inspired brilliance, however, and offers Overwatch fans a detailed video tutorial that demonstrates how they can create their own D. Va model as well. For those who prefer written instructions, Nick Brick also uploads his tutorials onto an app called Lego Digital Designer.

If it seems as though Overwatch has been an inescapable presence in media lately, that's likely because it has been - more than 30 million people play Overwatch, a staggering number for a multiplayer game that has only been officially available for under a year. There's a reason so many people who are experts in other fields spend their time paying homage to Overwatch, as the game has been praised for its accessibility to people who don't consider themselves hardcore competitors. That label has certainly helped grow the game's community into one that welcomes creative minds like Nick Brick as readily as it does some of the best Overwatch players in the world.

Nick Brick's creation is pretty cool, and we'd be pretty interested in seeing his take on characters like Zenyetta or Orisa next. In the meantime, though, we - like many other fans who have checked out Nick Brick's video - will be digging up old Lego bricks to pay homage to one of Overwatch's coolest characters.

Overwatch is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: YouTube

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