After queries about cross-platform play for its new and mega-popular game Overwatch, Blizzard confirms that the company is considering cross-platform possibilities for consoles.

It’s been a few weeks since the release of Overwatch, Blizzard’s first new IP in 17 years, and the game has been nothing short of a massive success. Not only was the title praised by critics, it was also very positively received by fans, so much so that the game had over 7 million players in just its first week on sale. Though it doesn’t detract from the experience, one notable issue that’s been brought up by fans is the lack of cross-platform play, and Blizzard has been curiously tight-lipped on the matter. But based on a couple of new tweets from the official Overwatch Twitter account, cross-platform play may still be on the cards.

When asked by a Twitter user whether Overwatch will ever feature cross-platform play, the Overwatch account replied that while there is currently no such feature just yet, Blizzard will “keep an eye on cross-platform possibilities on the consoles”.

@bickiya There is no cross platform play. We'll keep an eye on cross-platform possibilities on the consoles.
— Overwatch (@PlayOverwatch) June 4, 2016

Interestingly, Blizzard’s tweet only mentions the possibility cross-platform play for consoles and there was no talk for PC users. While it would be nice for Overwatch to feature PC users in the possibility of cross-platform play, there will undoubtedly be some balance and competitive issues stemming from the differences between controllers and a mouse/keyboard combination, a fact that Blizzard used to address a fan’s follow-up question of whether PlayStation 4 players could play with PC players at some point.

@bickiya We have no plans for that. Mixing mouse/keyboard and controller can have balance and competitive issues.
— Overwatch (@PlayOverwatch) June 4, 2016

While cross-platform play isn’t exactly a new feature for video games – something that Rocket League players can attest to – incorporating the mechanic into Overwatch will definitely be a popular decision for a majority the fanbase, and will undoubtedly bolster the game’s 7 million player base even further.

With Microsoft having recently extended an invitation to Sony about cross-platform play, this recent series of tweets about the issue will undoubtedly give it the spotlight once again. Despite concerns over balance and competitive issues from the different platforms, the fact that no company has outright said no – including Blizzard – means that gamers shouldn’t give up hope yet of having the opportunity to play against others who own a different console.

One thing is for sure, should cross-platform play ever make it onto Overwatch, it will definitely make the game’s Competitive Mode much more interesting.

Overwatch is now available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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