10 Amazing Overwatch Cosplays Straight From The Game

Overwatch has some of the most creative and dedicated fans out there. From amazing fan art to talented cosplays, it's almost impossible to go to a convention without seeing at least one Overwatch-themed costume or fans wearing its signature merch.

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While we wish we could include all these amazing creations into a single master list for everyone to enjoy, we had to pick a few of the most impressive costumes we've seen so far. After scouring through hundreds of photos, we're here to share with you ten of the most mind-blowing Overwatch cosplays that make us truly imagine the game's universe is more real than you'd think.

10 Hammer Down


No one represents Overwatch better than everyone's favorite main tank and powerful shield, Reinhardt.

This German colossus is definitely not the easiest character to replicate due to his sheer size and the details of his costume. However, that didn't stop Extreme Costumes from doing their absolute best in bringing precision German engineering into life.

Looking at the scale of this costume, anyone standing next to it would definitely feel protected and shielded from incoming enemies. A cosplay well done.

9 Reality Bends To My Will


Symmetra is one of the most ambiguous characters in Overwatch, but that hasn't stopped her from becoming a bit of a sensation due to her unique design and sassy voice lines. Although she's a pain to play against, she can truly carry a team.

Cosplayer Khainsaw must have felt the same about her when creating her default blue costume. The most impressive details are all there, from her headpiece and glasses to her gun that microwaves enemies down in a blink of an eye. We especially love how LED lights were used in this creation.

8 Death Walks Among You


Can we just take a moment to appreciate how incredible this photo looks? It's hard to believe this isn't in fact from the game, but a real person instead.

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Reaper, the former Overwatch operative now lingering somewhere between life and death and cruelly executing his enemies in the name of Talon, is without a doubt the most sinister character in the game. His essence was perfectly captured by cosplayer Crafts Of Two, who didn't miss a single detail on his armor and his weapons. Truly, this costume is a work of art.

7 Cheers Love, The Cavalry's Here

via Heroes of The Storm Spring Championship

No list would be complete without Overwatch's signature sweetheart Tracer, a favorite among cosplayers.

Due to being such a popular figure, her character is hard to nail down, but Tasha did an absolutely fantastic job with her outfit. The guns look amazing and her costume looks highly realistic, with all the details that make Tracer the fast-moving, powerful operative capable of taking down just about anyone.

Tasha looks like a natural in this photo, which makes us wonder whether she's actually a real-life incarnation of Tracer herself.

6 A Steady Blade Balances The Soul


Genji, the mysterious and tortured cyborg ninja, is a character that treads the fine line between finding inner peace and losing himself.

After an incident that left many thinking he had died, Genji was given a second chance, his body reconstructed thanks to the efforts of Angela Ziegler. Now, he fights in the name of Overwatch.

His determination and strength are evident in Just Cosplay & Prop's recreation of the classic Genji skin. The details are so impressive they leave us without appropriate words, but again, the use of LED lights and the attention to small things definitely makes this a work of art.

5 I Play To Win


D.Va has also been dubbed as one of the poster characters of the Overwatch franchise. Just about anyone will recognize her bunny icon, a reference to her mech which is called tokki, or rabbit in Korean.

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Able to combine both D.Va's cute and playful personality, as well as her signature look, Hana embodies her character down to every detail. What's even funnier is that the cosplayer's name is the same as D.Va's real name. It sounds like she was destined to reincarnate D.Va all along in this simple yet on-point costume.

4 One Shot, One Kill


Any dedicated cosplayer will have heard of Alyson Tabbitha, the woman capable of turning herself into just about any character. Not only does she have incredible crafting skills, but her talent in makeup and hair has helped her embody countless of iconic characters, including Jack Sparrow and Wonder Woman.

It seems natural to us, then, that she'd do such an amazing job at bringing Widowmaker to life in her Talon costume. From her rifle to her venon mine arm piece, as well as the creative makeup, Alyson not only becomes but is the cold-blooded sniper that we all love and hate.

3 Heroes Never Die

via ButtercupBrix

It's always super interesting to see cosplayers share their creative process when recreating challenging costumes.

While Mercy might look simple enough to make, ButtercupBrix shows through her dedication that by truly tending to the details you achieve greater results. On her Youtube channel she shows her journey through the making of Mercy's chest armor, a grueling process which eventually allowed her to step into Angela Ziegler's shoes and master her angelic look as the most iconic healer in Overwatch.

2 Justice Ain't Gonna Dispense Itself


Cosplay creations make us dream that the universe we so desperately want to be a part of is actually realer than it is. Henchmen Studios' McCree is one of those creations that bridges the gap between fantasy and reality, because of how real it feels.

It definitely helps that the model himself, CorruptCosplay, holds a striking resemblance to McCree and was able to become his character so easily. The sheer detail of the props, armor and the gun here really show that this was a massive project that took insane amounts of hard work and dedication.

1 My Business, My Rules


We wanted to give some of the newer characters some love, although Ashe has already been a part of Overwatch for a year as of now.

While there have been a ton of Ashe only cosplays that look fantastic, there's nothing quite like seeing her together with Bob. What's even better is that these two talented and creative individuals are actually husband and wife under the handle Mirrorbright Cosplay, both highly passionate about cosplay and making sure their works are near replicas.

We love Ashe's rifle and her entire costume, but let's be real here, Bob is the true hero in this photo.

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