Overwatch disables its Competitive Play mode for the open beta due to player feedback and is reworking the system for release sometime after the game’s launch.

Those who opt into the Overwatch open beta this week will not be able to experience the game’s Competitive Play mode. Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan released a statement in the game’s forum about the mode, saying that feedback from the closed beta has prompted Blizzard to remove it for a tune-up.

As for when the mode would be returning, Kaplan says his team’s plan is to have a redesigned version ready sometime after the game’s launch. But knowing the perfectionists at Blizzard, who never shy away from delays, that could be weeks or even months from now. Additionally, there were no specific details as to what the main issues with the mode entailed and what changes would occur.

Competitive Play was added to the game only recently in the last closed beta in April. It was a mode that pushed Overwatch‘s competitive spirit a bit further by allowing experienced players, those that have reached level 25, to enter into a series of tier-based competitions. Each season, which lasted a month, would see players fighting each other to gain ranks. In addition to seeing their world-wide standing, progression rewards would give players opportunities to collect new sprays, player icons and character voice lines.

Overwatch Reaper

Overwatch has seen its share of changes since it was announced at BlizzCon 2014. After all, the game itself was rooted in tremendous change. Overwatch was created from the remnants of Blizzard’s canceled Titan Project, which was well into seven years of development before it got the axe. A lot of these alterations are due in part to player feedback from closed and open betas, which plays an important role in development for games of this type. These changes range from gameplay adjustments to redone character designs. In fact, one design in particular was generating a lot of controversy for Blizzard recently until it was revised. In the case of Competitive Play, the feedback Blizzard was getting prompted a complete reworking of the mode. Hopefully, when (or if) it is finally released, it will be everything players hope it to be.

The Overwatch open beta is available now for anyone who pre-ordered the game before April 29, with the rest jumping in later this week, May 5-9. Most newcomers will not mind or even notice the absence of Competitive Play, but the more hardcore player will have to sit tight until Blizzard announces something. Keep checking Game Rant for more news on this development at it becomes accessible.

Overwatch will be available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One on May 24, 2016.

Source: GameSpot