Overwatch Comic Possibly Reveals New Hero Skins

Overwatch Comic Possibly Reveals New Hero Skins - Uprising comic cover

Blizzard has recently started teasing something called the King's Row Uprising for Overwatch on April 11th, which some have speculated is the game's next big event. While Blizzard is remaining mostly tight-lipped on the matter, a new comic that was posted today offers additional clues on what King's Row Uprising may entail.

The new comic is set seven years before the events of Overwatch, showing younger versions of popular characters like Soldier: 76, Reaper, Ana, Winston and more. When the comic begins, the time-traveling Tracer is still training to be a part of the Overwatch team, with her first mission dealing with the titular King's Row Uprising, which is ravaging her home of London, England. Other heroes are sent on the mission as well, including the likes of Torbjorn, Mercy, and Reinhardt.

Since the "Uprising" comic is set seven years in the past, all the characters have a different look than what fans may be used to seeing in the game. Some characters, like Reaper, Ana, and Soldier: 76, already have skins that somewhat match their appearances in this new comic, but it seems as though Mercy and Tracer could be in line for new skins in the game come April 11th.

Overwatch 'King's Row Uprising' Teaser Points to April 12 - King's Row map

With the new comic and the promise of new skins (game director Jeff Kaplan has already said fans can look forward to a new Widowmaker skin, at the very least), it seems as though Blizzard is going all-out with Overwatch's next event. Since we're so close to the game's one year anniversary, it's possible that Blizzard will make the event even more memorable, perhaps by releasing the next animated short or adding a new game mode along with everything else.

Considering the content of the comic, it's possible that if Blizzard does add a new game mode with the King's Row Uprising event, it could be something PvE related. After all, it seems as though the King's Row Uprising is about Overwatch fighting Omnic extremists in London, which could set the stage for the game to have more substantial PvE content than what was on display in Junkenstein's Revenge.

Soon enough, fans can quit speculating about what King's Row Uprising will mean for Overwatch. The event is expected to begin this coming Tuesday, April 11th, so we should know everything about it by then.

Overwatch is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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