New Discount on Overwatch Collector's Edition for Only $80

The most expensive way to Overwatch back in May, when the game released, was to buy the Collector's Edition for $130. That price has come down to a "cheaper" $100 list price at many retailers - but this wouldn't be a noteworthy deal news post if the price wasn't reduced further. For a limited time at GameStop, or while supplies are in stock, the Overwatch Collector's Edition is now only $80. This is a new historic low by $15 and $50 off the original suggested list price.

We think this may be the last best discount for the Collector's Edition before the holiday season (or while stock are still available anyways). This is because we know there is a limited quantity available. The deal for $79.99 popped up yesterday at GameStop and within hours the PC version sold out for the same $80 price tag. Assuming sale are consistent at GameStop, the Xbox One and PS4 versions should follow suit soon.

In addition to the base Overwatch (which is the Origins Edition, not just the game itself) the Collector's Edition comes with a ton of other extras:

  • SOLDIER: 76 12.8-inch statue
  • Soundtrack
  • 5 origin skins
  • Tracer Hero
  • Baby winston pet
  • Overwatch card back
  • Overwatch Visual Sourcebook

Is this the last hurrah before it starts going for inflated prices on eBay? We won't know of course until well after they're sold out (which is likely soon). If not, Black Friday will bring the cheap Collector's Editions back again, but we don't feel the stock will last that long across the black.

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