Overwatch has had special rules in China in the past, and a new patch announced by Blizzard will gives Chinese Overwatch players another change. In this case, players will be able able to spend real-world money to directly purchase in-game credits they can then spend on character cosmetics, emotes, and the like. This moves the way Overwatch works in China even further from the rest of the world.

Opening a loot box in Overwatch is essentially rolling dice to see what in-game items pop up – it’s like a game of chance. Because Overwatch players in China could purchase loot boxes for the game, Blizzard had to inform Chinese gamers what the odds were of getting each in-game item from those loot boxes.

According to a customer service staffer’s post in the Chinese Overwatch forum, Patch 1.12 for the game will give Chinese players the option of buying in-game credits to spend on whatever emotes, icons, or character skins they want. The bundle buying option are as follows:

  • 5 credits + 2 loot boxes
  • 15 credits + 5 loot boxes
  • 30 credits + 11 loot boxes
  • 60 credits + 24 loot boxes
  • 120 credits + 50 loot boxes

The details of these bundles seem to indicate a possible difference between the credits Chinese players will be buying and the game’s existing gold coin currency. Currently, high-value character skins in Overwatch cost between 1000 and 3000 gold coins, so the credits wouldn’t buy players much if they are the same value as the in-game gold coins.

overwatch loot box results

This update will just be another that differentiates Overwatch in China from the rest of the world. For many players, though, this would likely be a welcome inclusion in the international version.

Currently, if players want to unlock an in-game item, they have to get lucky with loot boxes, or purchase it with in-game gold coins, which are hard to accumulate. Events in Overwatch, like the Anniversary Event, tend to come with loads of new skins and unlockable items, so international players have to grind and cross their fingers to unlock everything they want.

But while Overwatch players outside of China may be jealous of the features they are missing out on, there are some things in the works for them as well. For example, Blizzard is apparently removing the ‘Rate This Match’ feature since it never offered any useful information to the developers.

Overwatch is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: vg247.com