Overwatch: 10 Characters We Want To See In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Well, it's finally happened; Overwatch is mere days away from its anticipated Switch debut, ensuring the already hugely popular shooter will be adding more to the countless millions already sold.

With an abundance of unique Heroes to draw from, it's quite likely Nintendo would draw from this esteemed and imaginative franchise for their own popular multiplayer hit, Smash Bros. Ultimate. With the Big N still adding characters, and the director of Overwatch, Jeff Kaplan on record for his willingness to share "any single one of [their] babies," it would seem inevitable to help celebrate Overwatch's Switch launch this way.

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But which characters should Nintendo opt for? After all, there are now a whopping 30+ Heroes, so they would have to be selective in their choice(s). In this list, we'll go over which of the 10 Heroes would seemingly make for the best fighters in Smash, keeping their traits and abilities in mind.

10 Winston

If there's any Hero in Overwatch that exemplifies a brute fighter, it's the beastly ape scientist, Winston. His reliance on strength with his close-range Tesla Cannon a melee-centered Primal Rage would make him a natural fit for Nintendo's brawler. And considering part of the point of Smash is to hang on for dear life and avoid falling off the map, Primal Rage's ledge boop could certainly translate well, making it a move opponents would fear.

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He could perhaps take on the traits of the similar raging ape Donkey Kong, while still containing his own dynamic with his electrified cannon shots and defensive barrier.

9 Doomfist

One fighter that could really pack a punch is the close-range brawler, Doomfist. This offensive powerhouse could have an array of melee-focused attacks similar to Incineroar or Street Fighter's Ryu. At the same time, he could possibly come equipped with more versatile movement and high jumping abilities that would allow him to leap far distances.

His Ultimate, Meteor Strike, which launches a devastating attack at a designated area on the ground, seems tailor made for a solid Final Smash.

8 Brigitte

Sure, Blizzard may have somewhat crippled this once great defensive healer with a rough shield nerf, but that doesn't mean she can't be a formidable fighter in Smash.

Like others on our list, Brigitte's focus on melee - specifically her mace swings and shield bashing - would likely translate well to Ultimate's brand of close-range bash-fests. Her build could be one that's meant to endure during the long, chaotic fights that often comprise Ultimate. She could perhaps come with a limited-use Rally ability which could restore some health to those in her vicinity.

7 Ashe

While this Hero may seem like an unorthodox choice, this wild-west gunslinger could actually prove to be both an enjoyable and versatile fighter, and a neat addition to Ultimate's lineup.

She has a uniquely diverse set of skills and attacks which could fit well within the turbulent, ever-changing conditions of Smash's arenas. Her build can be tailored to somewhat resemble Solid Snake, with her range of close and long-range weaponry, in addition to her explosive dynamite. And how satisfying would it be to unleash the robotic beast that is Bob as a Final Smash? It could be like busting out a super-charged Pokémon that can mow down foes in his path.

6 Reaper

With his intimidating appearance and offensive power, this shotty-pumping incarnate of death could make for a really cool Smash Bros. fighter indeed.

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With his potent shot guns, Reaper could be a gunner-type fighter that excels in close and mid-range combat. He could perhaps be given a limited-use Wraith ability could allow this slower Hero to move about the map, sort of like a glorified dash or roll. And his whirlwind of gunfire that comprises Death Blossom would seem like a great fit for a sweet Final Smash move.

5 Roadhog

The robust hook-wielding hog may seem like another oddball choice to round out the Ultimate lineup, but from a mechanical standpoint, he can actually fit. Despite Smash's emphasis on swift fighters, the game also has its share of big, sluggish brutes like Bowser, King K. Rool, and Ridley; a class of fighters that Hog would fit right in with.

Smash version of Roadhog could be something of a combination of these powerhouse fighters, while his hook could be akin to Simon Belmont's holy whip - except one that ropes you in Kirby-style. His ability to self-heal would likely have to be stripped down or removed altogether, though a limited healing move could make sense to offset Hog's slow, lumbering nature.

4 Genji

If you examined Genji's abilities and mechanics, it would seem that he already came from Smash rather than Overwatch, given how much his style meshes with a fighting game as opposed to an FPS. With Genji's quickness and emphasis on swordplay, he would blend right in with the dynamics of Nintendo's hit fighter.

His style could perhaps emulate Marth or Lucina, as these characters hold similar qualities with their speed and smaller bladed weapons. Slicing and dicing your opponents with his Dragonblade as a Final Smash could prove quite satisfying indeed.

3 Reinhardt

Though Ultimate has begun to fill out the roster with larger, more defensive fighters, there could stand to be more, relatively speaking. Reinhardt would make an awesome addition to the lineup, given that he's probably the de-facto shield tank in Overwatch. It would certainly be fun to swing around his massive hammer, which could have parallels to Cloud and Shulk's large swords.

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Of course, fighters in Smash are all bound to the same shield bubbles, but maybe Rein could be equipped with a limited shield which could function similar to a counter-attack, or even like Kirby's rock move.


Given that this firey mech-driving pro-gamer's been featured in a few competitive games already, it would make sense that she should be represented in Nintendo's biggest multiplayer romp.

Her unique traits might make her a bizarre choice, but this is precisely why she would make an awesome addition for Smash. While mech-piloting could perhaps play similar to the larger fighters, she could largely possess her own distinct style, since Smash doesn't have too many heavyweights with longer-range attacks. Similar to how the Ice Climbers can first be crippled by defeating one of them, maybe would come with a hazard of having her mech destroyed before dying, relegating her to a much weaker "Baby" status.

And let's face it - her Self-Destruct is simply made to be a Final Smash.

1 Tracer

overwatch tracer raised pistols

Rounding out our list is Tracer, who's quite possibly the most obvious, but also the most suitable choice to represent Overwatch for Smash Bros. Ultimate. Being essentially the mascot of the game, and hosting a variety of swift, versatile moves, it would seem like a no-brainer to host this time-bending agent.

Even Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan has made it clear that, while he'd be great with Nintendo using any of their characters, if he had to choose one, it would be Tracer. There's a lot Nintendo could utilize; between her speed, pistols, and her ability to move around in a flash. She'd certainly make for a fun choice for players, and a pesky foe for opponents.

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