GR Pick: What if Overwatch Characters were Bowls of Water?

overwatch characters as lukewarm bowls of water

There's a reason that Overwatch has quickly become Blizzard's fastest growing franchise. Beyond the fact that it contains some of the most compelling and addictive online multiplayer available today, Overwatch oozes that characteristic Blizzard charm all over, from the cinematic trailers the developer has produced for the game's story to the already impressive roster of fleshed-out, interconnected characters. Overwatch's flawed and relatable heroes have certainly captured the imagination of the game's fanbase, and that has led to both Overwatch's steady growth in popularity as well as some rather...interesting fan contributions. Case in point - one artist has, for reasons unbeknownst to anyone, reimagined the entire cast of Overwatch as lukewarm bowls of water.

We're not entirely sure why it is important that the bowls of water are lukewarm, but that was a choice of the artist, DeviantArt user Lukidjano. The art, which showcases each playable character as a bowl of water in alphabetical order, is presented without comment on the website, presumably because the sub-section of the Overwatch fanbase that wanted this sort of thing doesn't need it explained to them and the rest of us will never understand. Still, the ability to get across which character is which when they have been reduced to bowls is impressive. Here are two of our favorites:

torbjorn bowl

Adding a bushy moustache to the Torbjorn bowl is an admittedly nice touch, although cleaning that bowl once it has been used for soup seems like a nightmare. Perhaps that's why the bowls are filled with lukewarm water, and lukewarm water only.

The Overwatch community has certainly been getting creative as of late. Recently, a popular Lego YouTuber tackled a representation of D. Va made entirely out of the plastic bricks, even offering a tutorial video to fans looking to do the same. Hopefully, those looking to become better at transforming popular characters into bowls will be given similar instructions from Lukidjano in the near future.

As it stands, Overwatch's popularity seems to stem at least partially from the fact that users can get abstract like Lukidjano but still clearly be paying homage to Blizzard's online FPS multiplayer game. While it remains to be seen if future Overwatch characters will be as memorable as the ones the game currently has, it's a testament to Blizzard's character design that the entire roster of Overwatch can be turned into bowls filled with lukewarm water and still be immediately recognizable all the same.

Source: Lukidjano's DeviantArt Gallery

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