Overwatch: Change Coming to Mercy Skin Per Fan Request


Following hundreds of fans asking for the inclusion of Mercy's Junkenstein Brawl voice line 'My servants never die,' Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan responds with a simple 'Ok.'

Overwatch's big Halloween Terror event was launched a few days ago, and many players have been indulging themselves in Blizzard's latest seasonal event, whether it's hunting down new Halloween cosmetics for each character or participating in the new co-op Brawl mode titled Junkenstein's Revenge. One of the heroes, Mercy, has received a lot of attention for her new Halloween-themed makeover, so much so that fans have started asking for one change to be made permanent.

The latest Overwatch update introduced a new legendary witch skin for Mercy, as well as a new Ultimate voice line - "My servants never die" - that's used in the Junkenstein's Revenge Brawl. Unfortunately, that new voice line isn't included when players unlock Mercy's new witch skin, and many have started petitioning for the character's current Ultimate voice line - "Heroes never die" - to be replaced with her new Halloween one. After hundreds of posts on the Blizzard Forums petitioning for the change, Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan showed up to deliver a short but welcome response - "Ok. ETA mid-Nov."

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The mid-November release date of Mercy's new voice line will mean the Halloween Terror event will already be over, and this suggests that the line will be unlocked via normal loot boxes or by using the in-game currency rather than needing to win any seasonal loot boxes. Fans will also be pleased to know that Mercy's new voice line isn't the only thing to come, as there is a batch of new Overwatch content that's currently in the works.

`Kaplan's short and timely response to the community's Mercy petition highlights the positive communication between developer and gamer, and coupled with the release of new content on a consistent basis from Blizzard, Overwatch's current 20 million player base is sure to grow even larger.

Overwatch is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Blizzard Forums (via GameSpot)

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