This week, the Overwatch permanent ban system goes live, to ensure that players are treating the game as intended and that there is be a level playing field. But right as the new ban system is set to be introduced, fans have discovered a major bug in the game that is ruining their Competitive fun.

The particular Overwatch bug seems to affect players in Competitive matches. It will tell the player that the game is ‘waiting for additional players’ before saying that there aren’t enough players for the match before the cycle restarts over again. Players explain that after restarting the game in order to end the cycle, they will be hit with a massive drop of SR and they’ll find themselves with a full season ban.

Following reports and social media posts from the small amount of affected players, Blizzard has now commented on the issue. Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan took to the game’s official forums, stating that “This bug is a high priority for our team, and we’re working on a fix to prevent further instances of it occurring as we speak” though there is no estimated release for the fix.

Kaplan also assured fans that the bug is “extremely rare” and that less than 200 accounts out of the 25 million people who play Overwatch have been affected. The game director also confirmed that “In the meantime, we’ll be removing the seasonal ban for all players affected by this bug as well as restoring their skill rating.”

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While fans are glad that they finally have an official Blizzard response on the issue, many are wondering why it took the developer so long to offer up an answer. According to posts on the forums, the bug has been around since the beginning of September. And although very few players have been affected, those who were have been vocal about it and some want to know why Blizzard wasn’t on top of this already.

Moreover, fans want to know how many other looping bugs are in Overwatch. For example, the Overwatch Infinite Loop glitch also impacted Competitive matches played on Numbani. That bug may not have caused a loss of SR and it doesn’t appear to have resulted in season bans either, but it has been incredibly disruptive to Competitive matches.

With the Overwatch League set to begin early next year, Blizzard will have to work to ensure that as many of these looping glitches and exploits have been fixed beforehand. A bug like this could completely jeopardize the success of its esports league and so the developer will need to be proactive.

Overwatch is out now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit, Blizzard