Last week, Blizzard revealed Overwatch‘s 27th hero to be none other than Torbjorn’s daughter Brigitte, a new support class hero. Despite Brigitte being new to the game, though, some fans noticed that she looked very familiar, and we now know why.

As pointed out by Reddit user Pillow_1, Brigitte and Mercy, another support hero in Overwatch, have very similar facial features. In fact, their faces are almost identical, except Brigitte has a slightly larger head and darker skin tone. So now that it’s been discovered that Brigitte and Mercy have almost identical faces, some may be wondering why that is.

One conspiracy theory that’s been making the rounds is that Brigitte is actually the result of an affair between Torbjorn and Mercy. Of course, anyone familiar with Overwatch‘s lore should know that this doesn’t make any sense. In fact, as part of the lead-up to Brigitte’s reveal, Blizzard shared a letter that Torbjorn wrote home to his wife Ingrid that revealed she was still pregnant with Brigitte at the time he lost his arm and was visited in the hospital by Mercy.

Brigitte has Mercy’s face. from Overwatch

Considering how this theory directly contradicts the Overwatch timeline, it’s safe to say that there’s no merit to it. Having said that, there are a couple of other possible explanations that make a lot more sense. For example, one possibility is that Blizzard simply reused some of the assets it created when designing Mercy as a way to cut costs. This could also explain why Brigitte doesn’t look quite the same in-game as she does in the Honor and Glory Reinhardt animated short.

While it’s certainly possibly that Blizzard reused some assets when creating Brigitte, another explanation is that Brigitte and Mercy look similar purely by coincidence. After all, Overwatch has a very distinct art style, and so it’s not all that surprising that two characters look alike.

Regardless of her facial similarities to Mercy, Brigitte seems to have been fairly well-received by the Overwatch community so far. We’ll have a better idea of how she meshes with the game once she exits the PTR and makes her proper debut on the main roster in the coming weeks.

Overwatch is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit