Earlier today, a trailer was released which revealed Overwatch‘s newest hero, Brigitte. A second video has now came out in which game designer Jeff Kaplan provides more information about Brigitte, including her skills and origin story. Interesting to note from the video, the correct way to say her name has it rhyming with Vegeta (although it is a hard g pronunciation, like golf or girl).

Brigitte Lindholm is the youngest daughter of Torbjorn, Overwatch‘s resident engineer and weapon designer. While she spent a lot of time with her father in his shop and showed just as much engineering skill as him, Brigitte was more interested in designing armor and defensive systems, as opposed to the weapons her father was famed for making.

Instead of continuing to apprentice with Torbjorn, Brigitte decided to strike out with with Reinhardt, who also happens to be her godfather. After leaving Overwatch, Reinhardt wasn’t content with staying retired, so he continued his quest for justice, and Brigitte offered to accompany him as his squire.

While there was speculation as to which role Brigitte would fill on the battlefield, she has officially been revealed as a support class character.  She will wield a mace type weapon, called a Rocket Flail, and a Barrier Shield. Both were shown as sketches in images that were released earlier this week. The shield is similar to Reinhardt’s, only smaller, and it will allow her to do a little bit of tanking. The Rocket Flail itself has a longer reach than some other melee weapons and can hit multiple foes with a single swipe.

As far as abilities are concerned, Brigitte’s movesest is reminiscent of both Reinhardt and her father Torbjorn. With her Barrier Shield deployed, Brigitte is able to do a Shield Bash, where she dashes forward with the shield in front of her and can daze whichever enemy she hits. She has a ranged ability called Whip Shot where she throws her flail, much like Roadhog’s hook, but instead of pulling enemies in, it knocks them back. She can also toss out a Repair Pack, which works similarly to Torb’s armor drops, however, the repair pack is primarily used to heal. If the target ally is at full health, it will apply armor instead.

Finally, Brigitte has her passive ability and her ultimate. Her passive ability, Inspire, heals teammates close to her whenever she deals damage with her flail. Rally, Brigitte’s ultimate ability, grants her increased movement speed and gives armor to nearby allies. The armor remains in effect until it has been chipped away by damage.

Brigitte is currently available to try out on Overwatch‘s PTR Servers for PC players. Her bio and overview have also been put up on the game’s official website.

Overwatch is now available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.