Dylan “Rudeism” Beck, a famously creative Overwatch player, uses bread to play as French sniper character Widowmaker. Beck has a long history of using ‘non-traditional’ methods to play the game, previously playing as Hanzo with a Nerf bow.

As detailed in a video on Twitter, this carbohydrate-based control schemes uses a breadboard and a motion-controlled baguette to get eliminations. The exact mechanics of the rig are unclear, but Beck has attached a buttons on the side to actually move Widowmaker and look down the sights, while moving the bread sees the sniper character look in any direction.

The fact that the outlandish controller works at all is impressive, but Beck also decided to take it from the training room to a real Overwatch match. Streaming it on Twitch, Beck actually seems to do pretty well considering the circumstances. The baguette has some limitations, including not being able to jump (although Widowmaker’s Grappling Hook still works) and at some points, the aim down the sights button gets jammed. But when Beck is able to get a kill, he tears off a chunk of bread as a celebratory snack, which is a cool bonus feature.

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The other challenge is the survivability of the baguette itself. As of the stream, it was only a day old but Beck noted that it had to last for another few days. A baguette controller is probably not as messy as using a bunch of bananas to play as Winston, as Beck has done previously, but a controller made of bread is pretty useless once it’s too crusty to work with or starts going green.

Although many of the more obvious Overwatch character controllers have already been created by the streamer, there are still some other places that Beck can go. Ana’s love of tea and Lucio’s love of music could offer some more opportunities, for example, and who knows what possibilities rumored new character Doomfist will offer as well.

In the meantime, though, Beck is already planning a non-Overwatch related project. Today at 6PM PST, Beck will be hosting a special stream in which he will play Portal using a cake and other “cool things” are promised too. There’s no word on what those extras may be, but given Beck’s talent for making controllers out of unlikely items, it’s guaranteed to be impressive.

Overwatch is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: Twitch