Overwatch Player Uses Boxing Glove to Control Doomfist

Overwatch Doomfist boxing glove controller

An Overwatch streamer uses a boxing glove to control new character Doomfist. Doomfist wields a giant gauntlet that can deal a devastating amount of damage against opponents, and so it's only fitting that one player has made a boxing glove rig.

The boxing glove Doomfist rig makes use of a single boxing glove and a Wii Remote controller for a pretty effect control method. The Wiimote is attached to the back of the glove for motion controller fun, with Overwatch streamer ATwerkingYoshi able to draw his fist back before striking forward in order to trigger Doomfist's Rocket Punch ability.

The streamer can also do an uppercut in real-life to do Rising Uppercut and moving his fist down pops Doomfist's Seismic Slam. Meanwhile, wires and buttons in the glove and the attached Nunchuck controller allow ATwerkingYoshi to actually move Doomfist around the map, as well as performing a basic jump and, of course, to do his ultimate ability Meteor Strike. Players trying to get to grips with the new character are better off resorting to more traditional tips for playing Doomfist, but ATwerkingYoshi still manages to get a surprising amount of eliminations with the boxing glove rig.

ATwerkingYoshi is no stranger to the world of weird controller rigs, having previously played Dark Souls 3 with Donkey Kong bongos. The streamer has also rigged bongos up to play the last new Overwatch character Orisa, riffing off of her Supercharger ultimate ability which boosts allied damage by putting down a bongo-shaped items.

Though, the streamer is far from the only one using strange and unusual control methods to make some fun with Blizzard's multiplayer game. Earlier this month another Overwatch player used a motion controlled bread stick to play as Widowmaker, also managing to get a few kills with the sniper character despite the odds.

The game just inspires players and fans to test its limits and make the most of the game. None of the methods are ever likely to give players an advantage over those who stick to the keyboard and mouse (or controller) control scheme methods but it is a silly way of finding some entertainment. Fans are likely to come up with more weird and wonderful controller ideas in future, but it's anyone's guess as to what the next new control scheme on the scene will be.

Overwatch is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: ATwerkingYoshi

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