Overwatch: Blizzard Responds to Backlash Over Anniversary Loot Boxes

Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan responds to backlash about the game's loot boxes. Fans aren't happy about Overwatch's Anniversary event loot boxes and say that it's just too expensive to unlock all of the game's new content.

Overwatch loot boxes are the game's bread and butter and are how developer Blizzard makes so much money from the multiplayer shooter. But when the game's Anniversary Event went live, players quickly realized the huge cost it would take to unlock all 108 of pieces of new loot. Over 56,000 credits are required to get all of the content from the event, including around 33,000 for the 11 Legendary skins introduced to commemorate one year since the game's launch.

Disgruntled fans have been voicing their frustration since the event went live earlier this week and game director Jeff Kaplan has now taken to the game's official forums to "acknowledge that we've been following the threads about the loot box rewards as they pertain to the anniversary events, other events and loot boxes in general."

Kaplan's post goes on to say that the feedback and suggestions from fans have been "helpful" to the Overwatch team and that the team has had a "really great discussion" about fans' comments. "While I don't have any immediate action items to report, I thought it was important for you to know that we are listening," says the game director, who also encourages fans to keep discussing the issue in the forum thread.

Blizzard hasn't made any concrete promises to change the game and it's unlikely that any proposed changes will be made before the Anniversary event ends on June 12. But most fans seem to be very happy with Kaplan's message and the confirmation that Blizzard is at least listening to them, even if nothing comes out of it.

And even if Blizzard chooses not to make any drastic changes, the developer could still make smaller, quality of life changes to the Overwatch loot system. Fans love getting their hands on fancy cosmetics but when it is available for a limited time, as is the case with seasonal events, they feel that it forces them to grind.

In the long-term, Overwatch events will just make players will feel tired and even reluctant to play the game, which could be disastrous for a competitive multiplayer game. So, any minor improvements that Blizzard does make would be for the better.

Overwatch is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Blizzard

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