Is Blizzard Working on Unannounced Overwatch Game?

Ever since Overwatch first launched in May of 2016, the hero shooter has received enormous praise and won several awards for its modern take on the first-person shooter genre. Now a new opening at Blizzard seems to suggest that the developer may be creating another project based around its newest franchise.

The position is for a Generalist Artist Intern and allows students to work with Blizzard Entertainment over the Summer term. In the job description, Blizzard informs hopeful candidates that a wide range of assets needs to be created for "an unannounced project". What's more, in the Recommended Talents section, the developer lists "knowledge and understanding of the Overwatch universe" as an important requirement to have.

Any student who applies for the internship will be working fulltime with Blizzard from May to August of 2018, so whatever the developer is working on likely won't see a reveal for the next couple of years. However, the position involves creating game assets from previously-existing concept art and paint-overs, so it wouldn't surprise us to learn that developers at Blizzard HQ are already hard at work on the upcoming title.

It's hard to imagine a sequel for Overwatch could already be in the works, especially since the game is continually updated with free content on a fairly regular basis, so logically this posting seems to imply that a new spin-off title may be in production. Two of the most likely scenarios for possible future titles include an Overwatch mobile game of some sort, or a new Blizzard card game featuring the cast of the online shooter.

Of course, the developer could surprise us by taking the project in a new direction entirely, and this could be a new way of story-telling for the Overwatch universe which currently leaves lore scattered around in voice lines and online webcomics. Regardless of which way Blizzard is going, Overwatch fans have a whole new reason to get excited outside of today's launch of the game's Halloween event.

Already several legendary skins have leaked prior to the reveal of this year's Halloween update, and seeing Cthulhu Zenyatta is sure to be enough to get the game's fanbase excited. The event will launch later on today and will likely come with an updated version of last year's Junkenstein's Revenge story mission.

Overwatch is out now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Blizzard

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