Overwatch Reveals Cryptic 'Before the Storm' Teaser


It's been a busy month for Overwatch, which has recently finished off its second-anniversary event. During the two weeks, players were able to play through play through a new seasonal event each day in the arcade as well as unlock content from any of the previously released events. Since then, however, things have gotten pretty quiet with the game, leaving many to wonder what could be coming next. After Brigitte launched earlier this year, Blizzard hasn't said or teased much in terms of new heroes, but that may be coming to an end soon thanks to a very short teaser that has appeared online.

In a new post from the official Overwatch Twitter account, a short 6-second video shows off a non-descript street corner displaying tons of posters and artwork. Of course, it was posted without any context whatsoever, so naturally, the fanbase has been whipped into a frenzy trying to decipher any secrets or potential hidden meanings. Blizzard picked a great teaser location to post as the wall has so many posters and artwork, that it's very tough to extract any single detail from. While the footage has plenty to look at, including large artwork of Lucio, with his soccer ball right nearby, fans have latched on to another big element of this teaser.

There's a lot of references to space in this footage including a New Horizons poster, which links to the lunar colony map. Another prominent image is of what appears to be a space monkey and dog, with a sign above it that reads, "Building our future in space." While the subject of another space monkey has long been rumored, things have picked up recently thanks to a few changes to the Horizon Lunar Colony map on the PTR server. In addition to Subject 8 displaying as missing on the big scientist board, players can enter Hammond's room, which now features evidence that the ape has not only become sentient like Winston, but has also escaped the space station entirely.

In addition to the newly updated Lunar Colony map, the PTR server is also letting players test out the recent changes to Symmetra. Now classified as a damage class instead of support, Symmetra's abilities have been completely reworked. Her ultimate ability now unleashes a massive barrier, she can now throw her turrets instead of having to directly place them, and has regular access to creating teleporters. Her beam weapon no longer locks on to enemies, but the short range attack continues to increase in damage and no longer consumes ammo when damaging barriers.

Overwatch is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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