Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan vows to nerf Bastion following a controversial buff. Many players complained that Bastion is overpowered following changes made to the character on the PTR some weeks ago, and the official roll out of those changes earlier this week only reignited calls for the robot to be nerfed.

Responding to fans on the game’s official forums, Kaplan admitted that Bastion “is a little too powerful right now,” though he disagreed that the character is an “I Win button” choice of hero. Kaplan also noted that “emotions run so high” that it can be difficult to make balance changes, suggesting that some Overwatch players may be overreacting a little. But after his own experience as Bastion – in which he was able to heal through the attacks of a skilled Tracer – Kaplan says that the team will make the appropriate changes.

Some of these changes can already be witnessed on the Overwatch PTR right now, having been introduced with the same patch that added new character Orisa. Bastion is still able to heal on the move and still benefits from his larger ammo clip size but his passive ability, Ironclad, now only reduces 20% of incoming damage rather than the massive 35% of incoming damage that it reduced before.


Changes to the character – and the rest of the Overwatch character roster – will surely continue as Blizzard gathers more feedback. Though, it sounds as though players should not depend on these changes and should try new takedown strategies instead.

Pointing to the other balance changes that gave Symmetra a second ultimate and, to some players, seemed to make her ‘OP,’ Kaplan said that “the result is, people just need to adjust.” Even though the recent changes to Bastion make picking the robot “more viable,” he can be “focused and countered,” notes the game director.

Whether complaints such as those against the Bastion buff are “hyperbole” (as Kaplan calls it) or not, it seems unlikely that fans will stop being so vocal about the game and its balancing. All changes to Overwatch, including Roadhog’s Hook 2.0 and the in-development Play of the Game 2.0 feature, are down to fans (loudly) expressing their feelings on social media.

Fan feedback can be just as important in making future balance changes as the Overwatch developers’ own experiences with the game.