A player pulls off one of the more impressive Play of the Game highlights in Overwatch‘s history, and it involves Pharah, a basketball, and a pair of hapless enemies.

At this point, if it hasn’t already likely been done, Blizzard can sign off on Overwatch as a rousing success for the developer. The game has found a large and dedicated audience through its implementation of a colorful cast of playable characters and continuous, free updates, both of which have given fans plenty to enjoy about the company’s newest IP. Of course, while officially branded merchandise like the recently revealed Tracer Nendoroid keep gamers engaged with the title, the shareability of various in-game moments have been preserved through Overwatch‘s ‘Play of the Game’ feature.

Indeed, the Play of the Game video that plays out at the end of every match (highlighting the heroic and efficient actions of a player during the round) has become a defining aspect of the Overwatch experience. Having said that, while there have been a number of spectacular maneuvers executed and highlighted in the nifty feature, it appears as if a de facto Play of the Game has been recorded for the masses and it belongs to none other than TEDWARDS31 and Pharah (via Reddit).

Those hoping to see the spectacular Overwatch highlight can do so below:

In particular, what makes this gameplay snippet so interesting is the fact that TEDWARDS31 actually managed to score a basket before launching himself into the air to net, not only the bucket, but a double kill. Despite proceeding to then plummet to an untimely death, the play was still deemed solid enough to be highlighted by Blizzard in the post-match wrap up.

The Play of the Game feature has started to be parodied across mediums given its prominence within Overwatch, with mashups involving other video games continuously popping up. A perfect example of this would be Destiny receiving myriad examples of Play of the Game mockups deemed worthy of being highlighted by fans of Bungie’s shooter. Other real-world instances (from film to YouTube) have also surfaced lately, with no end in sight for Overwatch‘s meme-worthy end-game highlight.

As long as the community surrounding Overwatch continues to retain its excitement – something that’s not all that challenging with evidence mounting for a new playable character called Doomfist – then more Play of the Game features are sure to surface. For now, however, TEDWARDS31 can rest easy knowing that he’s pulled off one of the finest highlights seen to-date.

Overwatch is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.