Whether it’s nerfing Mercy’s ultimate ability or curbing the power of Roadhog, Overwatch has been home to a huge number of tweaks since it released. That’s much to the credit of developer Blizzard, but certain parts of the game’s community have felt that there are still some balancing issues within the game. However, director Jeff Kaplan has now address these concerns, stating that he feels the title is currently balanced.

The Overwatch director took to the Battle.net forums to talk about balancing head on, and gave a detailed post that discussed the way in which Blizzard looks at balance in the game. Of course, perhaps the most important news for Overwatch players expecting a radical shakeup of the balance any time soon is that Blizzard seems to think the game is fairly balanced for now, with Kaplan stating “the most controversial thing I’ll say here (hopefully) is that I believe the game is currently balanced.”

Kaplan then went into further detail regarding what he meant by balanced. “What I mean is that I don’t feel like there are any heroes who are way too strong to the point of breaking balance,” explained Kaplan before confirming that he does not think that the game is perfect. “That doesn’t mean that I personally don’t think there are some problems with heroes,” he said, before talking about the aforementioned changes to Mercy and Roadhog, suggesting that a minor tweak may be required for both characters at some point in the future.

Overwatch new hero tease Jeff Kaplan

The director also addressed why he feels the issue of balance comes up so much in debate, stating “I am getting the sense that the real issue people are feeling is that the ‘meta’ does not shift as frequently as they would like.” Rather than focusing on balance purely to shift the meta, however, Blizzard seems intent on only making balance changes when its clear that the game itself is unbalanced, to make the overall game better. “Sometimes we need to hold our ground and not make dramatic swings to the game,” said Kaplan on the pressure to morph the meta into something new through balance changes.

It’s good to see the discussion over the balance of Overwatch being addressed in such detail by the game’s director. Indeed, Kaplan has a long history of being involved in the community, whether it be answering weird Overwatch fan questions or once again taking to the forums to shut down an Overwatch troll in one post.

Whether Kaplan’s recent post manages to ease some tensions over balance within the Overwatch player base remains to be seen, but it’s important to remember that balance changes will of course continue to come through. After all, with Doomfist live on the PTR, this long-awaited new character could cause a shift in the finely-tuned Overwatch experience.

Overwatch is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Battle.net