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With Overwatch's one year anniversary coming up on May 24th, many fans are expecting Blizzard to start the next in-game event on that day. As it turns out, there's now new datamining evidence that supports this idea, as it looks as though Blizzard is preparing to add a slew of new cosmetic items and more to Overwatch.

Reddit user FailCraft, also known by his YouTube name Hammeh, has recently uploaded a video explaining his datamining findings. It seems as though Blizzard has slipped in some files for something called "EVENT_6" in the latest PTR update, which amounts to five to eight new cosmetic items for each character in the game.

FailCraft found eight new cosmetic items on deck for Reaper, whereas Tracer, Orisa, and Sombra all have seven cosmetic items, and then the rest of the roster has six or less. According to FailCraft, past events have shown that the more cosmetic items a character has, the more likely they are to have a skin. If this is true, then fans can expect Reaper, Tracer, Orisa, and Sombra to have new skins come May 24th.

Besides new skins, FailCraft also found evidence that the next Overwatch event will bring with it three new maps or three variations on existing maps. It was rumored earlier this week that the next event would be bringing with it three new maps, so it seems as though FailCraft's datamining effort provides evidence for that claim, but he is quick to dismiss the recent leaks.

FailCraft thinks that the more likely scenario is that the event, which he assumes is an anniversary event on May 24th, will have three map variations instead of brand new maps. Furthermore, he didn't find any evidence in his datamining efforts that Doomfist will be added to the game, which was a key aspect of the recent leaks.

FailCraft's datamining may cast doubt on some of the information that was leaked earlier this week, but at the same time, it seems to confirm that there will be an anniversary event for Overwatch later this month. While we can't say if this new event will include Doomfist or the rumored new game mode, new cosmetic items seem to be a lock.

Overwatch is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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