Overwatch Anniversary Event Dates Announced

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As a thank you to its many players, the team at Blizzard has created an Overwatch anniversary trailer. The footage celebrates the game by taking a look back at its first year.

In its brief history, Overwatch has managed to achieve quite a bit. In the trailer, get a glimpse of the game's launch straight from inside Blizzard HQ during the moment Jeff Kaplan and the team open the servers for the first time. After some behind-the-scenes footage from early development, the video begins reviewing features added to the game through patches and events over the year.

This tour of Overwatch's past begins with the introduction of Ana, the first hero added post-launch, and ends with the game's most recent event, Uprising. The trailer finishes up with a big thanks to players and an official announcement for an Overwatch Anniversary event that will begin May 23, a day before the game's original launch date, and end June 12.

Unfortunately, there aren't a lot of details on the event itself, outside of dates. Thanks to some recent datamining, however, we know the anniversary event loot boxes will possible contain more than 100 new cosmetic items. There was also evidence of new maps, or variations of existing maps, found in the data as well.

Fans of Overwatch have been anticipating an anniversary event for some time, which has led to plenty of wild speculation. That, combined with the recent datamining, led some to believe the event would begin yesterday, until Blizzard let the community know an official announcement would come beforehand.

Now, the announcement is here with only a week away until the event. And while the Overwatch anniversary video is more of a retrospective than an event trailer, players now know its coming. As a one year anniversary is always a big occasion, the upcoming event could be the biggest one yet. So save up those credits, heroes, and expect some truly legendary anniversary skins.

Overwatch is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: PlayOverwatch – YouTube

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