As seems to be the case with every Overwatch event, a new leak appears to spoil all of the new skins planned to be introduced in Anniversary 2018. A post on Reddit claims that the leaks came via a Taiwanese Overwatch fan club, from someone who had early access to the game’s Anniversary event. Eleven new skins will be featured in the event, with three Epic quality skins and eight of Legendary quality.

Blizzard itself has already revealed two of the Anniversary skins via the official Overwatch Twitter account: Venom Soldier 76 and Lightning Tracer, both being Epic quality. Here are the remaining nine skins, loosely translated from the Taiwan Overwatch client:

  • 8-Bit Lucio (Epic)
  • Sherlock McCree
  • Cyborg Torbjorn
  • Shield Maiden Brigitte
  • Magician Symmetra
  • Dryad Orisa
  • Tuxedo Doomfist
  • Pirate Junkrat
  • Stealth Bastion

Apologies for incorrect skin names, of which there are likely several. Blizzard will likely confirm the official names for each skin between now and Anniversary’s launch on May 22. All eleven skins are featured in the images of this article, but for images of each skin individually, check out the Reddit post where the leaks were initially posted.

anniversary 2018 skins

In addition to the Anniversary skins, several other details regarding Overwatch‘s upcoming Anniversary event were also leaked. There’s also the look of the Anniversary 2018 Loot Box, slick as ever, and an intro for McCree based on his Sherlock skin. Hints towards more past event skins becoming available are also made, with both Witch Mercy and Graffiti Tracer being shown in the Anniversary event’s banner.

But even more exciting is the reveal of the Overwatch¬†Anniversary event’s game mode, to be featured on the latest map, Petra. Petra was officially announced by Overwatch‘s game director in a developer update this past week, but the new mode is yet to be unveiled. According to the leaks, the mode will be an 8-player Death Match. That may imply an 8-player free-for-all, but it could mean something else entirely.

The Overwatch Anniversary event starts on May 22 and will feature over 50 new items, including the 11 new skins and plenty more. Stay tuned for more information in the days leading up to the event’s start.

Overwatch is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox On.

Source: Reddit