Overwatch Anniversary 2018 Event Begins

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There is no doubt that Overwatch is a very popular game, with it now having more than 40 million players since its launch in 2016. Part of the reason for its popularity is the game's frequent events that it has multiple times a year, one of which begins today.

The new event starting today, May 22nd, is the Overwatch Anniversary event. It is a celebration, of course, for the anniversary of the game's release. As with other events, there will be special items to unlock by just playing the game. The items are mostly cosmetic, with the special skins usually being the most sought after.

There seem to be a multitude of new skins players can look forward to getting for characters such as Tracer and Soldier 76. The rest of the skins were revealed in a leak and at the time, there wasn't any official confirmation from Blizzard pertaining to the other skins. With the event live, the names of these leaked skins are now known, like Sherlock McCree or Formal Doomfist, which sees the character donning a tuxedo. Overall, there will be 22 new skins to unlock.

Other items fans of the game can look forward to include special emotes for each of the 27 playable characters. It seems the new emotes are mostly new dances for each hero. Some of these include Tracer doing the Charleston or Pharah playing her rocket launcher as if it were a guitar.

The special items can be earned, as usual, through the game's loot boxes. Blizzard is bringing back past anniversary items too, so those who may have missed out on last year's will have a chance to get them this year. The company revealed there will be more than 190 different items to earn, with over 60 of those being new for this year's event.

While the event won't add a new game mode, like the Retribution event did, there will still be things to look forward to on the gameplay front. Firstly, there will be a new map added to the game's Free-For-All (FFA) Deathmatch mode. Seasonal brawls from past events will also be able to be played again through the Arcade menu.

The Overwatch 2018 Anniversary Event runs from May 22 through June 11.

Overwatch is now available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One

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