Blizzard releases Overwatch‘s newest hero, the support sniper Ana, on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One just a few days after her addition through a patch on PC.

Blizzard added the first post-launch hero to Overwatch‘s roster a few days ago with the release of support sniper Ana on PC. Ana was first revealed last week alongside an origins trailer that showed her connections to multiple other characters, including her daughter, Pharah, and archenemy, Widowmaker.

Now, Blizzard has also released the new Overwatch hero on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, in line with a promise from the developer to attempt to release updates across both PC and consoles within the same time frame. Some gamers did report some issues and bugs with the patch in the early going, but those issues have since been resolved, and Ana is now available for play in all modes across all platforms.

For the uninitiated, Ana is a sniper who should stay at range from other characters most of the time, but that’s where the similarities with Widowmaker end. Ana can buff and heal her teammates at long range while also preventing her enemies from healing. A sleep dart ability can also temporarily tranquilize her opponents. Ana’s ultimate is called Nano Boost and is used to supercharge one of her teammates for a short amount of time.

overwatch ana playstation 4 xbox one

Ana’s release on PlayStation 4 comes at just the right time for Sony fans, as some players were frustrated this past week with a bug that caused some players to lose their skins and other progress in the game. Fortunately, though, Blizzard has since resolved this problem.

With Ana now available across all platforms, fans are already turning their attention to what might be next for Blizzard’s popular FPS. Some players are combing through Ana’s reveal trailer to look for Easter eggs that might be teasing upcoming heroes. To that end, eagle-eyed fans have already noticed two screenshots full of coded numbers hidden within the trailer that seems to spell out the name “SOMBRA” when put together.

Sombra is the name of a rumored character that fans have been talking about since shortly after the game released. It would appear that the character is indeed coming soon, although it will be interesting to see what kind of hero Sombra ends up being. Most fans had concluded through other Easter eggs that Sombra was a Sniper character, but with Ana taking on that role, it’s unclear if Blizzard would want to introduce two new Sniper characters to the game back-to-back.

Overwatch is available now on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: PlayStation — Twitter (via IGN)