Heroes of the Storm is getting two new heroes in an upcoming update and Overwatch fans might be happy to see that Blizzard’s first-person shooter is getting even more recognition in the popular MOBA. Joining the ranks of Zarya, Lucio, Genji, D.Va, and Tracer, sniper/healer Ana and Australian outlaw Junkrat are coming to the game alongside a brand-new map: Volskaya Foundry.

Both Ana and Junkrat are yet to have official ability reveals, but a new trailer featuring the duo does show returning abilities such as Junkrat’s Concussion Mine and Ana’s Sleep Dart being present in Heroes of the Storm. Junkrat also seems to have a new ultimate ability that allows the crazed junker to make use of a huge, exploding rocket for both faster travel and significant damage.

The new map will be the second Overwatch location to make it into the game after the recent addition of Japanese map Hanamura. Right now, Hanamura has been removed from the game in order to make some much-needed changes, so Volskaya might soon be the only Overwatch map in the Heroes of the Storm experience.

Volskaya will be a large, three-lane map with a range of conveyer belts for speeding up or impeding movement. By capturing points around the Foundry, players can secure control of a giant two-person mech called a Triglav Protector. Much like co-op hero Cho’Gall, one player will control the movement while the other targets and shoots enemies.

That won’t be the only way to access the Triglav Protector however, and Blizzard is introducing a new Brawl mode named Bash ’em Smash ’em Robots where players will compete in a single lane while operating the giant mechs. A second event will also be coming in a future update which continues to be Overwatch-inspired. In Pachimari Mania, players will scramble to open loot boxes during the pre-match phase, unlocking new portraits, banners, sprays, and emoji.

Heroes of the Storm is out now for PC.

Source: YouTube