Overwatch Crosses 30 Million Players


Since launching in May of 2016, the user count for the team-based shooter Overwatch has steadily grown, with Blizzard now revealing that the game has surpassed a whopping 30 million players. This particular development in the title's user base shows a huge leap in regular gamers givng the release a go, as it was just January of this year that the publisher and developer announced that the FPS had hit 25 million registered players.

As seen in the tweet below from Blizzard, the company thanks the team-based shooter's upwards of 30 million players for joining in on the action and continuing to help support the 2016 release. The company also put together a nifty little video clip that depicts Overwatch's hero Reinhardt charging into the fray on the cusp of using his gigantic melee weapon known as the Rocket Hammer.

Considering the committed effort Blizzard has put forth when it comes to providing Overwatch with post-launch support, it should really come as no surprise that the first-person shooter's popularity continues to expand. Just recently, in fact, the developer introduced a new, limited-time cooperative mode with the Uprising event where fans had to work together to take on waves of enemy robots, while also adding new skins and other items for players to collect.

Of course, one could also attribute Blizzard's success at growing Overwatch's audience with its dedication to the eSports scene, as the shooter has become a hit with the pro gaming crowd, with the studio having organized its own official tournaments and leagues for the title. Speaking of which, the developers have already announced that the game's World Cup 2017 will be held at this year's BlizzCon in the Anaheim Convention Center in California, where teams representing various countries will square off against one another to compete for the gold.

When Overwatch launched back in the early half of last year, critics and fans alike lauded the game for both its dynamic combat and wide range of interesting characters to choose from, which ultimately caused it to be praised as one of the top games of 2016. While that's definitely a noteworthy feat, one could argue that the game has only gotten better since then thanks to Blizzard's ability to consistently refine and update the title in order to make for a better experience overall. With this being the case, it's no wonder why Overwatch has hit such a major milestone with 30 million registered players.

Overwatch is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: PlayOverwatch – Twitter

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