Overwatch 2 Teases Lots of New Heroes

Blizzard has a lot left to say about Overwatch 2. Announcing the game during BlizzCon 2019, Blizzard strongly hinted that Overwatch 2 is at least a year away from release, but likely much more. As such, what Blizzard showed during BlizzCon was only an introduction to its overall plans for Overwatch 2. In the weeks since BlizzCon, Blizzard has done a number of interviews. Blizzard's latest interview with the PlayStation Blog offered insight into one of Overwatch 2's most interesting aspects - its new heroes.

Overwatch 2 will have new heroes for players to learn and face off against, as confirmed by the reveal of Sojourn during BlizzCon 2019. Exactly how many heroes, as well as Blizzard's overall attitude toward adding heroes, hasn't been obvious, however. Blizzard seems to now be much more confident in its plans for new heroes in Overwatch 2. In his interview, assistant game director Michael Chu wasn't able to provide a specific number of new heroes, but he did confirm that Blizzard has "lots of heroes in the works for Overwatch 2."

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"We can't get into who they are exactly, or what their gameplay might be like, but they will help round out the world of Overwatch," is how Chu characterizes Blizzard's new hero plans. Chu wants to assert the fact that Blizzard isn't just going to churn out new Overwatch 2 heroes out of necessity. Each hero being made introduces a new concept or idea to the game. As such, each new hero isn't just another name on a list, but is an expansion of the game's gameplay systems and story.

Chu goes on to discuss the one new hero announced for Overwatch 2 so far. Sojourn is a new character, but has been teased multiple times in past cinematics. She was also seen, albeit looking quite a bit different in early concept art for Overwatch. Chu confirms that Sojourn has been in development since before Overwatch's launch. Overwatch 2 is just the opportunity Blizzard was looking for to introduce her character and story. "She will be extremely important to the events that take place in Overwatch 2."

sojourn screenshot

With potentially over a year of development, a lot can change regarding Blizzard's plans for Overwatch 2. "Lots of new heroes" could change to just a few, depending on where Blizzard's priorities end up shifting development's focus. But for now, it's exciting to consider an Overwatch 2 with such a robust line-up of new heroes that it genuinely feels like an entirely new experience, like how Mortal Kombat 2 doubled the original game's roster of fighters.

Overwatch 2 has no currently announced release window but is coming to Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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Source: PlayStation Blog

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