Overkill's The Walking Dead Trailer Reveals Heather


Not too long ago, Overkill Software released a reveal trailer that detailed the character Grant as the third playable figure in its forthcoming game based on Robert Kirkman's wildly popular The Walking Dead franchise. Now, the company has decided to round out its cast with the last main character to be announced thus far, with a brand new cinematic focusing on the survivor simply known as Heather.

As seen below in Overkill's latest trailer for The Walking Dead, it seems as if Heather has been on the run from a band of nasty ne'er-do-wells who are intent on killing her for some undisclosed reason, as a brawl breaks out between them all in a small grocery store setting. The goons get the drop on her while she's searching for supplies, and it results in a brutal battle, with Heather getting severely beaten and left for dead – that is, until she returns at the end of the clip to get her gear back from the assailants. As it turns out, Heather's not someone to trifle with, for she traps her attackers in an alley with a horde of zombies.

So far, each of Overkill Software's character trailers for its The Walking Dead title have intimated the kinds of traits and abilities each of the playable figures will exhibit. At this point, Aidan appears to be the brawler due to his carrying of a spike-studded baseball bat, Maya will likely be a healer on account of her background as a nurse, and Grant could be the group's resident wisecrack-machine and firearms expert. If one had to guess Heather's ability based on her reveal trailer, it may very well be related to supply bonuses and survival skills.

While all of Overkill's character trailers for its The Walking Dead game are gorgeous from a graphical and cinematic perspective, many fans are still waiting for the company to finally provide them with actual gameplay from the forthcoming title. Thankfully, the studio has promised that the project will unveil a gameplay trailer during E3 2018. With this being the case, one can only hope  that The Walking Dead plays as good as it looks.

Overkill's The Walking Dead is currently scheduled to release in fall 2018 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: OVERKILL Software – YouTube

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