Starbreeze Studios announces that The Walking Dead first-person shooter game being developed by subsidiary Overkill Software has been delayed to 2017.

Fans of The Walking Dead have been paying close attention to the next big game based on the franchise, a first-person shooter from Overkill Software. The game is heavily anticipated by franchise enthusiasts, as Overkill’s experience in the genre means that fans may actually have a high quality Walking Dead FPS game on their hands. Unfortunately, those fans will have to wait a little longer to actually play the game, as it has been announced that The Walking Dead has been delayed to 2017.

The Walking Dead was featured at E3 2015, and it was at that time that the developers announced the original 2016 release window for the game. While some take game delays as a sign that a game is not making good development progress or may be troubled in some other way, those looking forward to The Walking Dead from Overkill should rest assured knowing that delaying the game is more of a tactical business decision than anything else.

The delay is coming after Korean game publisher Smilegate purchased a $40 million stake in Overkill’s parent company, Starbreeze Studios. Smilegate wants an Asian version of The Walking Dead developed as well that will launch simultaneously with the other versions, which is what has triggered the delay. This opportunity will also be used to expand the game’s content, so in a way, this delay could result in a much better game than it would have been initially.

Overkills Walking Dead at E3 -- Overkill Walking Dead logo

That’s not to say that The Walking Dead wouldn’t have been a good game without the delay. Honestly, we’ve seen too little of it at this point to make a well-rounded opinion either way, but considering the FPS pedigree of the studio, it seems like it has always stood a good chance of being a great deal better than the previous Walking Dead FPS game, Survival Instinct.

With Telltale doing award-winning work with The Walking Dead franchise, Overkill has a lot to live up to with their take on TWD. While the game’s delay to 2017 may disappoint some fans, it sounds like it will ultimately be a good thing, as the game will now be launching with more content than before, and should help it live up to the legacy of Telltale’s games. In any case, if the recent excitement over Left 4 Dead 3 is any indication, gamers want more FPS zombie games, and Overkill would be wise to hit the market before Valve does, and avoid any further delays.

The Walking Dead (formerly known as Overkill’s The Walking Dead) is due for release at some point in 2017 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Polygon