Over 10 Million Pokemon Traded in ‘Pokemon X’ & ‘Y’

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To say that Pokemon X and Pokemon Y have been a success would be an understatement. Both games managed to move an impressive 4 million units in their first two days of availability, and sales are unlikely to have slowed down with the 2013 Holiday season quickly approaching. Both versions have been a commercial and critical success (we were very impressed with the games in our review) that much is certain, and now it appears that the fans have been continuing to enjoy the game post launch.

Pokemon X and Y producer Junichi Masuda recently made an announcement at a convention in Spain known as ‘Salon del Manga de Barcelona’. According to Nintenderos, Masuda confirmed that an astonishing 10 million monsters have been traded within the games thus far. This is an impressive number in and of its self, but it also means that gamers are taking full advantage of the revamped Play Search System that’s been heavily incorporated into both versions.

The Pokemon Company and Nintendo have yet to formally verify the numbers that Masuda allegedly confirmed during Spain’s big event, but they are very believable given the number of copies currently floating around households worldwide. Besides, given how much fun (and addicting) the Wonder Trade feature is, it’s surprising to hear that a majority of those trades didn’t originate from the review copies that were sent to Game Rant.

All joking aside, capturing monsters that are exclusive to either Pokemon X or Y is an immense challenge for those who only picked up one version, so trading online really is the best way for fans to catch ’em all. Trainers better get all of the currently available monsters rounded up quickly too, because a few previously unknown event Pokemon that recently leaked could very well be making their appearance sooner rather than later.

Have you been utilizing Pokemon X and Y‘s PSS? What’s been the best Pokemon you’ve received online so far?

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Source: Nintenderos & NintendoEverything (via NintendoLife)