The video game release schedule for 2016 gets a little more terrifying, as developer Red Barrels shows off the first image of the upcoming horror sequel Outlast 2.

When Outlast released in 2013, it made an almost immediate impact on the face of horror gaming. The terrifying journey of survival through Mount Massive Asylum enthralled gamers, with a memorable story that faced gamers off against the violent patients held within. Outlast 2, however, is planning to take the player on a very different journey, and the first image of the title offers up an entirely new setting.

Developer Red Barrels has now excitedly revealed this first image from the upcoming horror sequel, getting players of the first game prepared for the inevitable scares that will ensue. Sharing the image on its Twitter page, it seems to follow up on the hints of a Deep South setting. Many fans of the franchise had similar thoughts after seeing the teaser trailer that appeared at the end of last year.

Those wondering whether the corridors of Mount Massive are going to make a repeat appearance in some way, shape, or form have already had that question answered. Red Barrels has reiterated that players will not be returning to the asylum, answering a fan question with a reply of “no asylum this time around; we’re going for a new setting.” However, the studio also cryptically stated that players will still need to hide, suggesting that the gameplay isn’t going to be taking a radical turn. Gamers can check out the new image below.

Outlast 2 setting

Horror games have had a strong resurgence over recent years, helped in part down to the growth in independent horror developers. For many, Red Barrels has proved to be one of the best of these studios around, with Outlast providing some of the tensest gaming moments in some time. As such, the gaming community has been excited to find out exactly how the developer’s next project is panning out.

The move away from the asylum of the original Outlast is an interesting one, although the success of the original game will no doubt allow Red Barrels to take risks such as this. After all, the horror title proved to be both a critical and commercial darling, and was one of our picks of the best independent games of 2013. It’s refreshing to see a developer so eager to venture into new territory, so it will be interesting to learn more about the project with time.

However, it remains to be seen exactly how well the gameplay that worked so well in the asylum will transpose to another setting altogether. With the game releasing this fall, Outlast 2 will hopefully prove to follow in its predecessor’s footsteps as one of the best games to play at Halloween. Red Barrels will be sure to have more news to share on the title soon.

Outlast 2 is set to arrive in fall of 2016, for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Red Barrels