Outlast 2: Watch the Best Jump Scares

Although horror isn’t as prolific as the shooter or sports genres, it has still amassed a solid base of fans. No matter if the title is an indie or a major, triple-A release, horror fans seek out any scares they can. Which means it has been a good week for those gamers, as Outlast 2 finally released on all major platforms.

While most horror fans are well suited playing Outlast 2, some just want to watch others suffer. Developer Red Barrels knows the appeal of its game and has packed the sequel full of plenty of creepy moments and jump scares. In fact, the studio played so much into the scariness of its game that the studio announced a special brand of diapers for potential Outlast 2 players.

So for those of us who want to watch others get scared without actually playing Outlast 2, we’ve put together a few of the best jump scare moments from Twitch. As expected, the game has been popular on Twitch since its release, and watching players shriek with fright has provided countless hours of entertainment for viewers.

Check out the best Outlast 2 jump scare moments below, but be warned there may be SPOILERS and keep volume as low as possible:

No doubt Red Barrels has made sure to give Outlast 2 enough of a scare factor to satisfy horror fans, even if there are some areas in which the game is lacking. The story, for example, is not easily explained and understood without finding very specific collectibles in the world. Those that do have questions, though, should check out Game Rant’s Outlast 2 ending explained post for a clearer picture of what exactly happened.

Nitpicks aside, Outlast 2 seems to have the key element that most players are looking for: the scares. Jump scares are what make horror games so appealing, not just for players but for viewers as well. It’s one of the reasons the Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise took off. And we’ll admit, it’s kind of fun to watch people get scared without having to play ourselves.

Outlast 2 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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