Gamers get their first look at the Red Barrels developed Outlast 2, showing a terrifying, psychopath-infested tale of Southern-fried horror that is guaranteed to scare player’s pants off.

While Capcom’s beloved Resident Evil franchise popularized the survival horror genre, the last couple years have seen an influx of unique horror games that are looking to change the way gamers think about scary games. Titles such as Amnesia and Five Nights At Freddy’s have amassed cult following thanks to their jump-out-of-your-seat scares and interesting premises. But one of the most distinct horror games released in recent years also happened to be one of the undeniable, indisputable, for real pants-wettingly terrifying games of all time: Outlast. And now gamers are getting their first real look at the highly anticipated sequel Outlast 2.

Taking a page from the “found footage” horror genre, Outlast casts players as an investigative journalist unlucky enough to be poking around the wrong dilapidated, psychiatric hospital. The defenseless journalist had to rely on his wits and fast feet to avoid homicidal maniacs, all while keeping an eye on the battery for his trusty camera. Outlast was memorable, forging a memorable game out of its Condemned meets Alien: Isolation formula, while managing to scare the bejesus out of players – becoming a favorite with the PewDiePie game-streaming YouTube/Twitch crowd.

With Outlast 2, developer Red Barrels is looking for new, totally twisted ways to scare gamers silly, and this glimpse at a segment set in a terrifying cornfield suggests they haven’t lost their touch. The video, posted to GameSpot’s official YouTube channel, shows off the litany of heart-stopping horror that players will encounter. Featuring eviscerated bodies, a Southern-twanged cult leader speaking menacingly over a loud speaker, and one unlucky, camera-toting protagonist running for his life through a dark cornfield while pursued by murderous psychopaths, the four-minute snippet gives gamers an idea of what kind of white knuckle horror to expect from the upcoming sequel.

Outlast 2 recently made Game Rant’s “Most anticipated horror games of 2016” list, and it looks like the highly anticipated game will live up to expectations. Red Barrels previously promised that Outlast 2 will feature a brand new setting, and this sneak peek at the Southern fried horror that the developer has planned is sure to excite fans of the franchise. With big-name horror games like Friday the 13th also planned to release in 2016, Outlast 2 will have its work cut out for it to stand out from the crowd.

Outlast 2 is shooting for a Fall 2016 release, so horror hounds can now begin to count the days until the first person scare-fest releases for Windows, Playstation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Youtube (GameSpot)