Outlast 2 Devs Will Sell Real Diapers for Scared Gamers


Outlast 2 developer Red Barels Studio announces a Kickstarter for Underscares, a fake brand of adult diapers that will be sold as a type of pre-order bonus for the horror game.

As the survival horror genre continues to expand, the need to push the envelope has grown as well. Titles like next year’s Outlast 2 are not satisfied simply delivering scares; they want to make sure that gamers are talking about the game well ahead of release.

To better assist with that marketing buzz, Outlast 2’s development studio, Red Barrels, is creating its own line of adult diapers called Underscares. That way, if Outlast 2 players do get scared enough, they won’t have to run to the bathroom for some relief.

Those gamers who are interested in a pair of Underscares can back the Kickstarter campaign at the CA$ 55 level. That may seem pricey, but keep in mind that backer level also includes a steam key for Outlast 2.

Basically, contributing to the Kickstarter is a way of pre-ordering the game for PC and getting a special “collector’s edition” item in the process. Yes, that special edition item is a diaper, but at least it’s cheaper than a $400,000 Final Fantasy 15 car.


While there are both DIY and basic options for the Underscares, Outlast fans looking for something a little more premium can back the Kickstarter at the CA$ 75 level and get a pair of Deluxe Underscares, as well as two steam keys for Outlast 2. And, of course, because we know you are curious, the Deluxe Underscares come with a special night-light and a drinking pouch.

It’s obviously a very gimmicky item, and the Red Barrels fund is still substantially short of its $29,567 goal, but the Underscares concept is at least good for a little laugh. The Kickstarter campaign also makes a bold claim about the quality of Outlast 2, suggesting that its scares will be powerful enough to make gamers lose control of their bowels. The first game did have its moments, but being scared and being THAT scared are two different things.

Nonetheless, we applaud Red Barrels for their creative marketing campaign and hope that, if nothing else, the Kickstarter will draw attention to the upcoming horror title. When it was originally set to release in 2016, Outlast 2 was one of Game Rant’s most anticipated horror games of the year, and it is likely to repeat for 2017 now that the game has been delayed. We won’t be jumping in with a pair of Underscares strapped around our waist, but the volume will be high and the lights will be low.

Outlast 2 is set for release in 2017 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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