Red Barrels shows off a new character in the upcoming horror game sequel Outlast 2: a terrifying preacher and cult leader that goes by the name of Sullivan Knoth.

Ever since Outlast II was first revealed in a creepy teaser trailer that featured a burning, inverted cross, many guessed that the sequel to the 2013 horror hit would have religious overtones. That has since been proven to be the case, and to push the dark religious vibes that Outlast II is giving off, Red Barrels has created a creepy preacher character to haunt the dreams of anyone that dares to brave the game’s dangers.

This preacher goes by the name of Sullivan Knoth, and Red Barrels has given him quite the elaborate backstory. As the story goes, Knoth turned to Evangelical talk radio to find peace from the troubles of his life. While the actual talk radio segments didn’t give Knoth much respite from his stress, he began to hear the voice of God through the radio static, and after witnessing the appearance of the Prophet Ezekiel, Knoth was given a new purpose in life.

Knoth began a cult on a ranch in New Mexico, wherein he encouraged the women to “breed frequently,” and even impregnated many of them himself. Knoth also took it upon himself to deliver most of the babies his flock produced, resulting in the authorities raiding the compound and arresting most of the cult members.

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This devastated Knoth, who fled into the wilderness, hoping for another sign from God, which he received. God instructed Knoth to slice open one of his eyes in order to see the “true vision.” Knoth did as requested, and saw a vision of an isolated town called Temple Gate where his flock could thrive. It is there where players will encounter Knoth and his twisted band of followers when they play Outlast II later this year.

It seems as though Red Barrels put a lot of thought into developing Knoth’s backstory, and it looks like he will be a primary character in Outlast II. The original Outlast was known for its imaginative cast of disturbing foes players had to deal with, and it’s good to see that trend continue in the sequel.

Outlast II‘s deep south setting should help it develop some fresh freaky faces for players to encounter, and Sullivan Knoth is a good start. It remains to be seen if he will be the “big bad” for Outlast II, but what we know about him makes him seem like he will be a considerable threat nevertheless. Outlast II is looking as scary as ever, and it will be interesting to see how Knoth and his flock of misguided followers compare to the threats from the first game, and if the game will be as well-received as the first Outlast.

Outlast II will be available later this year for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: IGN