New The Outer Worlds Trailer Sends Players to Halcyon

outer worlds welcome to halcyon

A new trailer for The Outer Worlds, the upcoming game from Obsidian that looks like Fallout in space, shows off some of the locations, enemies, and weapons in the game. It does so with a flare that references retro PSAs.

The Outer Worlds comes from the developer that took over the Fallout series for the much lauded Fallout New Vegas. The team features some of the minds behind the earliest Fallout games and it looks to capture the spirit of that series in a new IP. The games even has a sense of humor about it that fits the tone and style of Fallout games.

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The new The Outer Worlds trailer begins with an introduction to the Halcyon Colony, which advertises a world - or worlds, rather - of opportunity for the player. The Halcyon Colony promises full employment to any and all who endeavor to join its ranks, although the disclaimer that "Guarantees are not Guaranteed" might imply otherwise. It shows off multiple planets the player will get to explore, including the settled Terra 2 and the more wild Monarch.

The trailer goes on to discuss some of the job classes. Earlier Fallout games, before Fallout 4, had a system that allowed players to upgrade individual skills and use them in different ways. Players with a strong science skill, for example, might open new conversational or traversal opportunities in the world. These kinds of jobs look to make a comeback in The Outer Worlds. The trailer shows off the ability for players to become scientists, repairpersons, and more. It also jokes about the ability for players to build characters with very low intelligence. These builds will probably resort to killing their way through The Outer Worlds.

Players also get a look at a bunch of new alien creatures they will fight. The brightly-colored foes all lean towards a more beastly design with sharp tails and a vicious demeanor. One of the creatures even looks like a giant worm. The trailer also shows off combat against different kinds of robots.

The Outer Worlds will feature character upgrades that sound kind of like Fallout's perks system. The trailer shows off a time-slowing combat mechanic that looks like it could have similarities to Fallout's VATS. It also give players a look at some of the weapons. The game will include guns as well as swords. But more uniquely, the trailers shows off a lot of gameplay with large power-hammers and scythes. It looks like the game will offer a lot of variety in this department. All of the weapons look glossy and futuristic. Top it all off, The Outer Worlds even has a shrink-ray.

The trailer gives players a lengthy look of what they can expect from the game, which seems like it will quench the thirst that fans of earlier Fallout titles have experienced since the release of the disappointing Fallout 76.

The Outer Worlds releases on October 25 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, and at a later date for the Nintendo Switch.

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